A St Louis SEO company, WebTech Group, launches a transparent SEO service designed to keep clients updated online 24/7 about the ranking performance of their website

ST LOUIS, MO – Jan 18, 2016 – WebTech Group is a St Louis based web design and SEO company that has created a transparent SEO service that they have named CROC SEO.

SEO customers has access to their proprietary SEO monitoring system 24/7 to see exactly how their website is ranking, what keywords they are ranked for, number of pages they are ranked for and much more.

CROC is the acronym for:

C omprehensive analysis
R evise website
O ngoing 24/7 monitoring available to SEO customer 24/7
C omprehensive customer online ranking and SEO reports 24/7

“The biggest problem in the SEO industry is that customers don’t really know what they are getting and some SEO firms don’t provide customers with routine reports that explain what the customer is paying for, therefore, the industry has a high turnover rate of customers and it has created a negative image for the industry,” says Smith. 

The new program offers two transparent services (1) ongoing 24/7 monitoring of the customers website that monitors their website rankings in the top 3 search engines, changes in the past week compared to the week before, keywords ranked for, pages ranked and much more (2) customer can login to WebTech Groups system and see their up-to-date SEO analysis reports. This report will give the customer their SEO Score or Visibility Score so the customer knows what changes need to be made to their website. Both of these reports are available to its customers online 24/7. 

“We want our customers to know exactly what they need, what we are doing and the results of those efforts,” says Smith. “The majority of times when a customer is dissatisfied, is due to lack of information, which falls on the service representatives back,” says Smith. “We think this type of program is a step in the right direction to improving the image of the SEO industry,” says Smith.

The name CROC suggest that it will devour the competition. After all, SEO is about competing online for first page search results. “SEO is a very competitive business, if you are good at it,” says Smith. “This is one of many steps to come to enhance the image of the SEO industry,” says Smith. “Since we are located in St Louis, MO, our primary focus is St Louis SEO,” says Smith.

WebTech Group also offers “search engine friendly” web design. “A website without search engine traffic is a liability rather than an asset,” says Smith. According to Smith every website they build is designed with SEO rules and guidelines in order for the website to rank well immediately upon launch. 

SEO is the acroynm for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of making modification to a website so the search engines can easily find the website, crawl it and properly index it. Everything we do regarding a website is about it ranking well with the search engines, says Smith.

WebTech Group is SEO Certified, Google Certified and Bing Accredited. “But most importantly, we are big on customer service and support,” says Smith.

For more information contact WebTech Group at 314-474-9854 or email WebTechGroupSTL@gmail.com

WebTech Group is a St Louis based web design and SEO firm that specializes in “search engine friendly” web design, SEO, Local SEO, CROC SEO, St Louis SEO and other online marketing products/services. It’s founder has been involved in web design since 1994. 

WebTech Group is SEO Certified, Google Certified and Bing Accreditied.

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