New iPhone and iPad Repair Comparisons Released by DC IT Solutions Perth

“As experts in all manners of tech-support, and with a focus on Apple products specifically, DC IT aims to make the experience of buying and using products from Apple as easy as possible for consumers throughout the greater Perth area.”
Perth-based Apple repair experts DC IT Solutions recently announced the addition of two new pieces of content to their website that will allow consumers to better find Apple repair services in the greater Perth Area, from Joondalup to Victoria Park and beyond.

Perth-based DC IT Solutions recently announced a refurbishment to their iPad and iPhone repair pages on their website. According to the company, the goal of launching these new pages is to help consumers make better decisions when it comes to repairing their smartphones, tablets, and phablets. While the support team at the company focuses primarily on repairing products created by Apple, they possess the technical capabilities to help with most matters of IT support in the greater Perth area.

According to the company, “our renewed focus on providing IT support to those throughout the greater Perth, Western Australia area, with a focus on Apple products, means that we are laser-focused on becoming the premiere support provider in Australia.”

As iPad ownership has increased throughout Australia, DC IT has reported a corresponding increase in demand for repair services. According to members of the company, the most common repairs needed for iPads are cracked screens, glitchy software, and issues with overheating. The infamous “spiderweb screen”, which occurs when an iPad is dropped on the ground or has something dropped on it, is far and away the most common issue consumers need fixed.

For the sake of convenience, DC IT has put together a full list of potential iPad issues here:

As iPhones have now been on the market for nearly ten years, there is an evergreen demand for their maintenance and repair. Common issues with iPhones are similar to those that iPad users face: glitchy and outdated software, a touchy volume button, and the unfortunate but all too common spiderweb of death.

The DC IT team has comiled a full list of iPhone issues as well as common fixes that you can view here:

DC IT Solutions has also announced the publishing of a new Facebook page to help them reach new audiences. As millenials make up an ever-growing market, reaching them on their native channels is essential for any company looking to connect with this coveted demographic.

Broken iPhone screens are a headache, but they can usually be fixed.

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