NYC Tourists to Enjoy Special offers on Botox injections by Trifecta Med Spa

Jan 18, 2016 – Trifecta Med Spa announced special offers for the for Botox injections. Trifecta Med Spa is an independent beauty enhancement and anti-aging facility business which offers their services in Downtown and Midtown Manhattan and Long Island (Hewlett).

Founder of Trifecta Health Medical Center and Trifecta Med Spa is board-certified psychiatrist in NYC Dr. Edward Fruitman who discovered that depressed or anxious people were usually dissatisfied with the way they looked. At the same time he notcied that the human body has negative reaction to depression and emotional downswings. These two things lead to an adverse cycle, which is hard to break. That is why Dr. Fruitman started specializing on administering Botox and founded a clinic which assists patients with leading a happy and healthy life, while looking their best.

“Botulinus toxin came to the beauty industry from medical practice, where it successfully alleviated the symptoms of such severe illnesses as cerebral palsy and torticollis. Botox injection is the only real method which allows people to get rid of the wrinkles. The result is visible almost immediately after the procedure. The alternative methods such as peeling and mesotherapy require long term procedures and the effect they give is not as impressive,” advises Dr. Fruitman. “Effect from the Botox injection can last up to 6 months depending on the physiological condition of the patient and the medication dosage. After the wrinkles become visible again, the procedure can be repeated. Usually, in order to keep the skin looking young a patient needs two to four injections per year.”

Trifecta’s Botox injections in NYC are perfectly compatible with other beauty procedures such as Coolsculpting and Ultherapy. However, it is very important to get medical advice about the beauty treatments. The Trifecta Med Spa offers professional guidance for patients who want to keep their skin young without dangers to their health. All Botox injections and other procedures are administered by specially trained professional medical workers, so the patients can feel safe and satisfied with the results. After the procedure the doctor will be giving advice on how to continue caring for skin to maintain the effect as long as possible.

There are special Botox Injections offers created by the medical spa to accommodate the medical tourist. The advantage of these is their immediate good results and no side-effects. The clinic is located in a perfect place to allow the tourist to visit, get the procedures done and immediately continue with Manhattan sightseeing. The offers from the Trifecta Med Spa can become a part of a diverse tourism program for both domestic and foreign tourists.

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