The innovation of DATABASE IMMOBILIARE ITALIANO for realtors soon on the market

DATABASE IMMOBILIARE ITALIANO hes strongly innovated the real estate market with its innovative emotional indexes.

A realtor’s main objective is to “sell properties” as it is the most profitable activities. DATABASE IMMOBILIARE ITALIANO allows you to make many more sales of properties thanks to its many features.

This professional tool not just want to be the national showcase unified, but wants to create a network-collaborative success among the best agencies of a city, a region, across Italy to multiply real estate sales.

In fact, the functionality of “inclusion and publication” of a property, complete with all the technical details and innovative indexes evaluation of the property, is perfectly in keeping with the functionality to save searches of properties to a customer who wants to buy a house in a given area and with certain characteristics.

In addition, the tool connects two different agencies whenever it detects a match between a client of an agency that seeks a property and another agency that has exclusive rights to a property, which returns results. The opportunities of real estate sales are increasing and the economic return increases quickly.

One of the key detected by agents who have already tried Database Italian Real Estate is able to easily acquire “exclusive” by the owner seller. In fact, the publication of a property on the national showcase DATABASE IMMOBILIARE ITALIANO is only possible for those properties where it owns the exclusive right to sell (to avoid duplicate ads as happens in normal windows estate) and, this requirement is much motivating to the owner.

The inclusion of the property in the national showcase unified halves the time of sale of the property through increased visibility to private and other agencies, but also thanks to a series of indices “charm” and “functionality” to objectively assess the properties. Each property is then published once, only agency that has exclusive and presented in a professional, attractive and full. (See more info here: RE-agents in Milan)

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DATABASE IMMOBILIARE ITALIANO is an Italian startup company developing an innovative web application to improve the real estate market for both RE agents and final customers.

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