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“Strong foundations start at Stratum Foundation Repair in Plano Texas”

January 16, 2016 – Plano, TX – Stratum Foundation Repair in Plano TX has announced that their company is now offering free foundation inspections in Plano, Texas. This free service is part of the company’s overall mission to help Texas residents get the proper foundation maintenance and repair services they need.

“The first step the Stratum team takes to fix any foundation problems is to identify the true cause and nature of the problems in the first place,” explains Ryan Hise, the owner of Stratum whose background in real estate has helped clients make sure that their homes are structurally sound and upholding their value. “We offer our foundation inspection services freely so that homeowners can get a truly accurate picture of what the problems are, and the repair solutions are needed.”

Issues with property foundations are commonplace in Plano, Texas because of the soil content and climate of the region. In North Texas, the soil contains a significant amount of clay, and it contracts and expands depending on the temperature and moisture levels. The constant changes result in pressure exerted on the concrete slab of a house or commercial building.

“In Plano, pier and beam foundations are commonplace, and the slab sits directly on top of the soil,” explains Hise. “That means any expansion or contraction of the soil will directly affect the concrete slab foundation.”

A foundation inspection can help find signs that may indicate a problem with the foundation. Such signs can be found on the exterior of the property, while in other cases the signs may also be inside the home.

“Our experts are very experienced and well-trained, and they can find subtle indications that homeowners may miss,” says Hise, who still personally makes some of the home inspections to this day. “We can therefore identify problems so they can be repaired right away.”

Signs that foundation problems exist can include cracked drywall, along with windows and doors that no longer close as easily as before. There may also be some separation in the fascia area trim or brick lines. The free inspection provided by Stratum Foundation Repair in Plano TX involves a close look at the entire lot, and it includes inspection of the trees on the property as well.

“Depending on what we may find during the inspection, the solutions we may propose include putting in barriers for tree roots and correcting any drainage and grading problems,” says Hise. “We fix any current problems, and also recommend measures to avoid any damage to the foundation in the future.”

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