Dental Bonding by David L. Jones, DDS, Improves Appearance & Function of Teeth

David L. Jones, DDS & Assoc. offers dental bonding in Virginia Beach, VA. This dental practice in Virginia Beach, VA, uses the latest techniques to improve the appearance and function of teeth.

To affordable upgrade a smile and the function of teeth, patients choose the effective and affordable dental bonding procedure. Composite bonding from David L. Jones, DDS & Assoc. improves a person’s smile and their overall oral health along with all of the following benefits:  

  • Reshapes Teeth
  • May Not Require Anesthetic
  • Requires Only 1 Dental Appointment
  • Removes Only a Tiny Bit of Tooth Enamel   
  • Covers Discoloration
  • Closes Spaces Between Teeth
  • Protects Tooth Roots Exposed by Receding Gums
  • Repairs Chipped, Broken, Damaged or Decayed Teeth

After consulting with the dentists in the practice, patients are advised whether or not cosmetic dental bonding is the best option for their needs. It is often recommended for its quick results and cost-effectiveness, especially when compared to the cost of veneers, crowns, or fillings.

After choosing the procedure, the dentist matches the color of a composite resin to the patient’s natural teeth. Then in order to ensure the composite materials adhere properly, the tooth’s surface is roughed up and a liquid conditioner is applied. After that tooth-colored resin is placed, molded, and smoothed onto the patient’s teeth to correct the imperfection. The dentist uses an ultraviolet light to harden the coating. Once the dentist trims and shapes the resin in place, it can be polished to resemble the patient’s natural teeth.

Other services offered by David L. Jones, DDS & Associates include Invisalign™, dental implants, dental crowns and bridges, and root canal procedures.

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They provide dental bonding for many patients in Virginia Beach, Pungo, Oceana, Sandbridge, Red Mill, Strawbridge, and Court House, Virginia.

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