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Worldwide Business with kathy ireland presents an exclusive interview with Craig Pearson, CEO and Co-founder of Private Wealth Systems.
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Los Angeles, CA – January 19, 2016 – Private Wealth Systems Inc., the industry-defining financial technology company that is revolutionizing the way private wealth is analyzed, reported, and managed, is a featured company segment on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland. During the segment, Kathy Ireland interviews Craig Pearson, CEO and Co-founder of Private Wealth Systems. 

Craig Pearson commented on some of the challenges that high net worth investors, and their advisorsface by stating, “It really comes down to total transparency for investors who are inherently very complex. Sophisticated investors want instant access and understanding to the drivers of risk, return, income and expense across all accounts, all managers, all asset classes, all countries, and all complex entity structures, in a highly intuitive and engaging manner. 

High net worth investors and their advisors should know what they own, what their net worth is, how they are allocated it, how they are performing, which managers are doing well and which managers are not doing well. The fact that over 13 million high net worth investors who collectively control over $52 trillion in global private wealth don’t have this fundamental level of access or understanding means their wealth is being managed blindly.  Private Wealth Systems is committed to empowering high net worth individuals and their advisors with the information they need to improve the preservation and management of global private wealth.

Learn more about the company on the upcoming segment of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland. There will also be a look into the company and their process.

The Vice President of Programming, JL Haber, was quoted stating, “Wealth management is extremely important to all investors. High net worth investors have a lot to manage and therefore, need a lot of data. Private Wealth Systems is changing the way this is approached so investors can actually know what is happening with their money.”

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