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Dementia/Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that will affect millions of Americans every year.

Salem, Oregon – January 19, 2016 – Dementia/Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that will affect millions of Americans every year. Individuals who are suffering from advanced dementia illness will require assistance from familial caregivers and oftentimes, medical professionals. Being a caregiver for an individual afflicted with advanced dementia/Alzheimer’s is extremely demanding, both physically and emotionally. Luckily, caregivers in Salem, OR who search for, “hospice salem oregon” online will now be able to find Harbor Light Hospice’s expanded website that includes new and beneficial materials which discuss hospice care for dementia patients.

Every life-limiting illness presents its own unique challenges when providing care. For example, a patient suffering from stage four pancreatic cancer, but is completely cognizant and communicative will require different care than an individual afflicted with an advanced dementing illness. Individuals with advanced dementia/alzheimer’s are oftentimes unable to explicitly communicate their needs/how they are feeling, are incontinent and may also be more susceptible to broken bones and torn skin if their limbs have begun to revert inwards. These types of barriers to care provide more of a reason to enlist assistance from a hospice provider. Trained medical personnel will be better adept at managing the symptoms of patients with advanced dementia/alzheimer’s, and can greatly reduce the anxiety felt by family members who may be confused on how to provide effective care.

Although there is no cure to dementia/Alzheimer’s, there are certain proactive steps individuals can take early on in the disease to make care during end-of-life more manageable. Filling out advance directives can provide clear directions on how to manage end-of-life situations if a person is unable to make decisions for themselves. Harbor Light Hospice’s expanded website includes useful information that is specific to advance directives for dementia patients.

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Harbor Light Hospice operates under a philosophy of care that assists patients, family, and friends during the final stages of a terminal illness. Harbor Light Hospice promotes dignity and emphasizes quality of life for those who choose to die in familiar surroundings with those they love. Hospice services can be provided at home, at a skilled nursing facility, or at an assisted living center.

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