Airwheel M3 on Indiegogo Making the Leap from a regular Electric Skateboards

Airwheel has engaged in the Indiegogo funding campaign in this month. M3 electric skateboard developed by its team is making the leap from a regular skateboard. With its special features, M3 is going to attract more backers.

M3 electric skateboard is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign with Airwheel’s team looking to raise US$50,000 to enter commercial production with an early pledge of $399.00 to have one sent your way. If it does attract the funding and the campaign runs as hoped, it plans to start shipping in March 2016. It must be said this almost puts M3 in the same price category as some of the more affordable complete electric-skateboards going around.

M3 electric skateboard

M3’s electric drive mounted inside the board propels it at speed of up to 20 kilometers per hour. Making the leap from a regular skateboard to a regular skateboard to an electric model isn’t as natural as it might appear. The things are heavy, expensive and are usually controlled by some kind of weird trigger controller. M3 is looking to make an upgrade a little more palatable with a magnetic levitation motor mounted inside the electric device, offering a strong driving force to enjoy the feeling to surf on the land. If you’re a handy player, you can take apart the motor that can be installed to any existing board and give a little more zip.

motorized skateboar

The majority of motorized skateboard available today rely on an electric motor to run the wheels via a belt drive. Manufacturers are doing their best to hide these bulky motors and the batteries that power them to stop them getting in the way. In the case of some makers, this has even seen electronics built into the deck. But the Airwheel team has engineered what it considers a pretty innovative way to set its wheels in motion. The motor is built under the deck wrapped by a protective box. And the team claims M3 is very quiet, highly powerful and tightly sealed to fend off troublesome water and dust. The battery with 162.8wh will take two hours to charge and should be good for 12 kilometers, a respectable but not show-stopping range.

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