Yacht shows promote the development of scooter and bike industries

Yacht shows have been big shows in France which bring many profits and business opportunities to businessmen in France, even to merchants all around the world.

Yacht show in France

A new French Yacht Show will be held in Marseilles, France in November 2016.

There are four main yacht shows in France: Cannes International Yacht Show, Monaco Yacht Show, La Rochelle Yacht Show and Marseilles International Yacht Show. Yacht show has been one of the most import affairs in France. Every time when the yacht shows held, many businesses and people are attracted to the show. The yacht shows in France create many business opportunities and profits to France, even to business all around the world.


Yacht has become a normal tool for many families in developed countries to spend their holidays. Many French families choose to have their holidays on yachts. 

The development of yacht market also makes the electric scooter become popular and hot selling in France. Mostly of families don’t live near by the sea, they also need to drive their car to get to the seaside when they are going to spend their holidays on their yachts. After they get to the hotel near by the seaside, while the rest 20~30 km distance makes them reluctant to walk on foot, what can they do?  Then they need an electric scooter, or an e-bicycle, ebikes which are small-sized, light-weighted and portable, such as Solowheel unicycles, monocycles, Segway two wheels scooters, Ninebot balance scooters, Airwheel balance scooters, self balancing scooters, foldable/folding electric scooters etc. These mobility scooters provide people a convenient way to get to their destinations in short distance and also give them much fun in the process of riding. 

Some smart businessmen find the business potential in this sector and seize this opportunity to enlarge this product range and seize the market share of this sector. Scooter shops can be easily seen on French streets. 

Many manufacturers of scooter-related products also see the great potentials from yacht shows, which inspire them to bring their products to the yacht shows to introduce their eproducts to the world. For example, Airwheel attended the yacht shows held in Goteborg, Sweden in January 2015 and Budapest, Hungary in April 2015, catching many people’s eyes on the shows.

Airwheel on the yacht shows held in Goteborg, Sweden in January 2015 

Among of these electric scooters, we find one unique folding electric scooter from Shenzhen Acetech Co., Ltd. It’s a foldable electric scooter, with special appearance K style, really shining in the electric scooter and electric bike industry.

Foldable design enables the riders to fold it and put into the trunk of cars, no need to take any effort to find a place to park it, and people go to the yacht can put into the trunk of the yacht when they ride an Acetech electric scooter to the yacht. It’s more convenient than other normal electric bicycles. Shenzhen Acetech Co,. Ltd. is keen to provide its customers with high quality products. 


After the nightmare of explosion accidents of self balancing scooters, the whole world may realize that quality is more important than the price. Those blindly pursuing low quality and ignore the quality may take a lesson from these scooter accidents.

Another issue is the patent issue. Without authority from the patent holder of the self balancing scooter, most suppliers of this 2 wheels mini self balancing scooter have many difficulties in exporting their products. However, holding the patent for this K style Shenzhen acetech scooter (or in other words, this K style folding electric bike/ electric bicycle), Shenzhen Acetech no need to worry about this problems.

Shenzhen acetech electric scooter become more and more popular all around the world, and more and more importers realize its value and tend to invest their money and strength to import this product and introduce to their customers.

Maybe someday in the further, every family have one or more than one acetech electric scooter.

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