Overwhelming kidney transplant fundraiser campaign started by The Puglisi Family for a Hero

The Puglisi Family has started a fundraising campaign for the treatment of Mr. Puglisi who is suffering from a Kidney condition and needs a kidney transplant. The family is standing together and are looking for the right match to be able to help their father get the transplant before the condition deteriorates. As per the story mentioned on the fundraiser page, Mike’s father had gone through a kidney transplant around 25 years ago and had been living healthily on the same. But from the past few months, his condition has been declining and the family has been standing by his side to let him win the battle against his ailment in all his strength and health.

Currently, Mr. Puglisi is consulting John Hopkins hospital for his dialysis treatment and he is on 3-year waitlist to receive his next kidney transplant by the hospital. Since the condition is too severe the family is looking out for as donor on their own to help their father get back on regular life like a fighter that he is!

“From our perspective, he still has three more weddings to witness, a list of grandpa duties to fulfil for his first grandson (entering the world this Christmas!), and a whole life ahead of him that we’re going to fight to the ground to give to him,” stated Mike in one of his update on the fundraiser campaign. The campaign has started with a target of receiving $100k USD that will be used up for paying the medical bills, dialysis treatment, kidney transplant etc. The fundraiser has been going pretty well for now, as the Puglisi’s have raised almost $ 17505 USD through the campaign and are looking forward to get more generous donors to spare a little of what they can do to help the family combat their problem with lesser economical strain.

As per the statistics on the Gofundme.com, People from across the world are donating with generosity from amount as low as $ 25 USD to amount as high as $500 USD. Also, along with the money, donors are pouring in a great amount of love and prayers for the family to help them uplift themselves and fight against all the odds. Giving a perfect example of how humanity can win over the worst of the problems that can exist. Which surely is a heart humbling experience for the family.

The fundraising link can be accessed by clicking here to the periodic updates by the family with progress and informs on the journey of Mr. Puglisi. To ensure that donors have a transparency on what has been happening so far. For those who can’t help monetarily can also help by spreading the word via social media.


Media Contact
Contact Person: Megan Puglisi
Email: megmpuglisi@gmail.com
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Country: United States
Website: www.gofundme.com/mikepuglisi