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CHICAGO, IL – Jan 20, 2016 – Creative Commercial Brokers© is a new way of selling or buying commercial properties in a completely new approach. Unlike all other big and small commercial real estate brokerage firms out there, we will not tie you up in a NON-SENSE listing agreement as a seller. Also, you will not be charged a FEE as buyer as some brokers do. We will also show and explain to you how simple and “STRESS FREE” the process is to sell or to buy hotels and commercial properties “OFF MARKET” with us.

With our unique approach of understanding small business owners and their concerns when selling their commercial real estate and business, we try to eliminate many simple yet very important and overlooked points like; potential buyers disturbing business and employees, asking employees questions about the business and wandering around the business, by other commercial brokers and make it a hassle free process for our sellers. This is one of the main reasons that we are dealing with “OFF MARKET” (Not listed) properties only.

On the other hand, if you are a buyer and working with us, you will deal directly with the source, the sellers, as soon as possible and not waste your time with too many back and forth non-sense. You will have access to all the due diligence materials we have right away after signing our Confidentiality Agreement online. 

We have many Off Market flag hotels available for sale and you can check them here. We have many more deals in the pipeline which needs to be finalized.  

Creative Commercial Brokers© targets good quality and performing hotel brands and multi family assets for institutional and individual investors in the major cities nationwide… Our target CAP Rate is 8% but almost all of our properties are much better than 8% Cap.

Some benefits for our sellers:

• We save property owners money with the lowest fee in the industry without compromising quality of the service provided.

• We help commercial property owners sell their properties discretely ASAP by marketing them to our accredited cash buyers.

• We make sure no one potential buyer disturbs your business and employees without signing our agreement first. And we are not listing any specific information (Address, business name, city, etc.) even on our own website (This is a very important factor for all business owners.)

• We are always accessible to our buyers or sellers when they call, because we know it is very frustrating that you can not get a hold of some brokers for days, weeks, or even sometimes never. Despite many calls and emails, you may never hear from brokers (We answer the phone 98% of the time.) If we don’t answer your calls immediately, we will return your calls as quickly as possible, if not the same day then within 24 hours.

• We utilize all the known business tools in the industry (The same as the big brokerage firms, except listing it.)

• We use a NO NON-SENSE long term contract or listing agreement when you work with us (No other broker would do this, especially big broker firms.)

• We market your property with a laser focus to our qualified buyers but without mass marketing to the major public.

• Your property doesn’t get old when you sell it “OFF MARKET” with us, like listed ones. (It is always fresh information to new potential buyers because there is no information about it anywhere else.)

• You don’t have to reduce your price like listed properties out there. (Unlike listed properties that buyers in the business know about, follow and track price changes on them the moment it happens, they have no ability to track the ones that are “OFF MARKET.”)

• When a listed property does not sell for a long time in the market, buyers lose interest in it. This is not the case with “OFF MARKET” properties here.

• We never stop marketing toward qualified buyers and bringing in more buyers for our sellers.

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