Sherly’s Feelings about Riding Airwheel Q5 Twin wheel self balancing Electric Scooter

New gadgets always evoke some people to try them or to conquer them. Sherly is no exception, and tries two scooters branded Airwheel. Finally, she finds a fit one for her for commuting to work.

Sherly is a sales representative in charge of dealing with customers at an import and export trading company. One day, she saw her client rolling on a single wheel to head toward her. She was shocked by this new device. That hunky guy said, “Would you want to try it?” She seemed frightened. But she did try it.

single wheel electric scooter

Since it’s a big single wheel, it’s quite difficult for her to stand on the food rests without his help. The whole ride, she can’t keep balance without holding his hand. The only feeling that she said was fear. So she felt that this single wheel electric scooter was not suitable for her. After some consult from her client, she knew maybe twin-wheeled electric scooter could be her taste.

Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled electric scooter

Sherly started with searching related products on Amazon, and she decided to buy Airwheel Q5 twin-wheeled electric scooter which has been approved by relevant certificates about battery and charger. About one week later, Sherly received her scooter. Removing the stout packaging, she saw the small stuff is rather fresh and cute as the herald of spring in the dawn. When she got it, she was not eager to ride it, but made it charging. Then she carried the scooter to her gym for doing practices. After turning on the power button, the scooter can stand by itself. She carefully stepped the right foot on the pedal, but she felt there was no chance for her to put on the other foot since the scooter automatically moved forward after the vehicle detected the thrust. Hence, she had to hold the handrail to make two feet stand on the pedals. Then she could roll a straight line.

According to the progress Sherly has made, she is unable to ride it on the public road for she is not skilled to make the proper pose for controlling the self-balancing electric scooter. Although she fails to learn it within 5 minutes as the advertisement says, she thinks she needs more time to flexible her body. Then she can ride it for the work.

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