Author Yael Manor launches her new children’s book ‘Hailey No No’ on Amazon

Yael Manor is popular as a children’s book author and now she has released her new book on Amazon named ‘Hailey No No’. She has written several other books for children such as Red Blue Green, My super Blankey, The Food revenge, Sorry Hug and Kiss, Ethan in the kingdom of toothbrushes and many others, all of which have gained popularity among the readers.

Her newest book Hailey No No is an addition to her bedtime story books for children. Most of her books have received high rating on Amazon including the latest release. “Cute book that teaches kids a lesson about saying No. I found the illustrations cute and the story line fun for kids while also having a moral behind it. I also have a book about saying no, I liked this authors’ version of a helpful way to explain about the word no, Good job on a hard subject. I love this author’s books and they are always great to add to the collection of great books for kids,” says Amazon user P.S. Winn.

Hailey No No is story about a little girl named Hailey who always says ‘No’. Due to this habit of hers, everyone called her “Hailey No No”. The story tells about the transformation of the main character Hailey as a toddler as at first she was an obedient and happy girl but then she becomes opinionated, a little stubborn and does whatever she wants.

She speaks “No” very frequently which becomes a challenge for her parents. Her rebellious nature becomes a little tough for her parents to handle but the story does not portray it as negative phenomenon but instead, a normal development phase.

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle format.


Author Yael Manor has worked as a math teacher for 35 years in high school. She’s mother of four children and grandmother of four. She has two children who are twins-a boy and a girl as well as two grandchildren who are twins-a boy and a girl. Her imagination and experiences with the twins has also inspired her writing passion.

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