Empire Investigations LLC Partners with YesPlus Program to Promote “Acts of Kindness” and Help Others to Reduce Stress

In the fast-paced society that we live in today, from our early ages we are constantly running from class to class, program to program, meeting after meeting. We are always on the go and always connected through social media to a constant recycling news cycle where everything is always changing. With this kind of lifestyle, sometimes we fail to live in the present, in the “now”, instead constantly worrying about what lies instead.

No one knows this better than Empire’s CEO Robert Kresson. As a private investigator for more than 30 years, Kresson and his teams have been flying across the country and at times the world at the drop of a hat, dropping everything in order to catch the next flight to get the proof his client’s need. With that, comes a level of stress that is sometimes difficult to cope with but is a requirement and necessity to work through in order to be successful and efficient. In order to learn more about how to combat stress and create an improved way of life, Kresson and his teams took part in the “Happiness Program”, a part of the Art of Living Foundation.

After taking part in the courses, Kresson searched for a way to help spread the word to help others learn about these strategies and also to spread the idea of committing “random acts of kindness”. With that, came his partnership with the YesPlus Program. The YesPlus program helps teach students to thrive in life and lead with clarity of mind, resilience, purpose, and belongingness. This innovative life-skills training program combines empirically-validated breathing and meditation practices with interactive discussions and experiential processes so students gain valuable skills to better navigate the personal, social, and academic landscape and pressures of college. YesPlus impacts the participants in these areas and has a ripple-effect in the society through the service module of the program.

For more information on how you can sign up for a course and even donate to help fundraising for this effort to make YesPlus accessible to everyone, you can visit:

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