Republican Dropouts Create Problems for Clinton Support Group

NEW YORK, NY – Jan 20, 2016 – When Hillary Clinton grassroots support organization Sisterhood of the Pantsuit first created their “Hillary Trumps Them All” button collection, they never envisioned the problems they’d have with Republican dropouts.

Republicans are dropping out faster than they can get the new buttons on the market.

The red white and blue pins carry the first names of all 17 of Hillary’s original Republican challengers with an in-your-face knock at them that states, “Hillary Trumps Them All!”

In an apparent snub at Trump’s less than successful rivals, five of the Republicans who’ve dropped out of the race so far – Scott, Bobby, Rick (Perry), Lindsay and now George – have been unceremoniously crossed out on the second edition of the Hillary 2016 buttons.

Or should we say the 4th edition of the Hillary Trumps Them All buttons, since two earlier versions had to be scrapped due to Republican candidates quitting the race faster than the Hillary Clinton support group could produce them.

In mid November, Sisterhood of the Pantsuit was set to issue their second “Hillary Trumps Them All” buttons when Rick Perry and Scott Walker quit the campaign.

Then on November 17, Bobby Jindal dropped out.

More new pins were to be produced right before Christmas with Rick Perry, Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal’s names crossed out on the buttons. Then, Lindsey Graham quit the pack on December 21, followed eight days later by George Pataki’s exit.

“Hillary supporters are asking for the new versions featuring Republican drop-outs faster than we can make them,” added a spokeswoman for Sisterhood of the Pantsuit.

Of course, Sisterhood of the Pantsuit accepts the apparent problems with the humor they’ve been known for. The campaign watches the election memorabilia company made for Barack Obama in 2008 were “Guaranteed to be more accurate than George Bush.”

And their most successful political campaign watch in 2012 was “Barack Around the Clock.” That’s just the kind of attitude you’d expect from a company that has been making political memorabilia “since 2000, when Al Gore was elected President.”

Humor aside, this is a serious business for the 15 year-old election memorabilia company. Eight watches created for presidential candidates, including three for President Obama, are in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution.

About Sisterhood of the Pantsuit

Sisterhood of the Pantsuit has dubbed itself the Official grassroots election memorabilia company supporting Democratic victory in 2016. Their mission is to support women and girls to reach their fullest potential – without having to battle prejudice or combat discrimination.

And since there’s nothing that says “fullest potential” quite like being President of the United States, their ultimate goal is to elect Hillary Clinton US President this year.

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