Simple Recon Shares Tips to Help Dealerships Reduce Reconditioning Cost

Leading online platform for tracking the process of used car reconditioning, Simple Recon has recently published an informative blog post. This new post discusses how dealerships can reduce their inventory reconditioning cost.

Jan 20, 2016 – Simple Recon, a highly preferred online platform for the tracking of used car reconditioning, has recently come up with a blog post that shares tips to reduce the cost of inventory reconditioning. This easy to use software solution was created to help dealerships increase their turn rate by reducing the time taken for inventory reconditioning.

In the recently published blog post, the following recommendations have been made by Simple Recon to reduce the cost of reconditioning.

• Conducting daily stand-up meetings: These are short meetings conducted daily with only the key managers as the participants. The meeting discusses what was done on the previous day, what is being done on that day, and whether there are any impediments.

• Set up the SLAs: Service Level Agreements must be set up between the different departments. This will set clearly defined expectations between the departments. It will also create a workflow, making it easier to understand how much time is required for the completion of a majority of the inventory.  With these Service Level Agreements, it is also possible to hold the managers accountable for their performance, resulting in performance improvement.

• Recruit a Reconditioning Manager or Chaser: A key role in the process of inventory reconditioning, a Chaser or Reconditioning Manager acts as the nucleus of all communications in the dealership. It is the responsibility of these positions to follow-up on pending inventory, and find out the reasons if any department lags behind on any specific unit. They should also be responsible for conducting the daily stand-up meetings because they have complete ownership of getting the inventory to front-line.

The software tool from Simple Recon can be used by the Reconditioning Managers or Chasers to track their vehicles as they move through the process of reconditioning. It also provides a dashboard of the entire inventory across the different departments. This tool also notifies the departments about the assignment of new tasks, missed SLAs, and the department-wise work queue.

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Simple Recon is an advanced online platform for the tracking of the used car reconditioning process. This software solution has been used by many dealerships to increase their turn rate by reducing the time taken for inventory reconditioning.

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