ArKay Beverages expending its own private label in Iran, Nigeria, South Africa and worldwide

Jan 20, 2016 – ArKay Beverages launched this month a private label and licensing division offering a full range of both classic and exotic alcohol free beer and sodas all at competitive pricing.

The US Department of State and the Secretary of State John Kerry approved the export sales of ArKay drinks in Iran. The approval document, which came into effect last September 2015 allowed for the export and re-exports from the U.S to Iran of ArKay alcohol-free liquor, Alcohol free-beer and ArKay alcohol-free liquors flavored cola sold in 100% recyclable glass, PET bottles, aluminum can and PET kegs

ArKay owns the rights from the US Department of State to export its alcohol free drinks to Iran and is in discussion with several importers, distributors and local bottlers to produce locally and to enter the market with new brands.

“Iran is a great country to do business with, I am certain that we will find a good partner for our private label alcohol free beer and sodas sold by the kegs which is perfect for bars and restaurants,” said Ricardo Martinez VP of Sales at ArKay.

“Our drinks are so innovative that they will please any consumer’s palate anywhere in the world, ArKay is the first company ever to produce colas flavored with alcohol free whisky, rum, vodka as well as 0.00% ABV flavored beer, with a selection of over 100 beer flavors such as chocolate, cotton candy, dark, amber, light lime (just to name a few) we are expanding worldwide with this new concept. The economic advantage of bottling our drinks locally under license is that there are no import duties on the concentrate syrup or malt that we will ship from the USA anywhere in the world. The next markets we are entering are Nigeria and South Africa,” said Ricardo Martinez VP of sales.

Alcohol free beer is growing in popularity worldwide according to new research released by ArKay Beverages the world’s first beverage company to produce 0.00% ABV alcohol free beer sold in 100%  recyclable PET kegs.

ArKay is the world market leader contributing to 100% of the alcohol free beer PET kegs category with a year on year expected increase of 20% in outlets.

ArKay alcohol free beer 0.00% ABV taste and feel exactly like conventional beer, research has proven that PET kegs allows brewers and fillers to substantially reduce the environmental impact of their operation.

About Arkay

ArKay is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, producing alcohol-free liquors, cocktails, beers, and Alcohol Free Liquors flavored cola.

ArKay offers an extensive collection of drinks, including alcohol-free liquors, alcohol-free cocktails, and alcohol-free beers. These drinks are sold in glass bottles, aluminum cans, and on draft.

ArKay feels and tastes exactly like liquor. Millions of people drink ArKay every day because it has the same burn and flavor as the real thing, but without any of the ill effects. ArKay is a healthy option too. Besides being 100% alcohol-free, it contains no fat, carbs, sodium, or sugar.

ArKay has done with spirits what other companies did for beer, but to an even greater extent. ArKay has created a completely new beverage category of alcohol-free liquors. Unlike with alcohol, ArKay isn’t constrained by strict market regulations, therefore allowing it to be sold virtually anywhere.


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