Taking Out the Trash In Recovery

When dealing with adversity in relationships while in recovery, it is important to remember to not allow other person to distract you away from what is important: your recovery.
When in recovery from addiction finally sets in, emotions return quickly at an overwhelming rate.

Those who contribute to the negative emotions, such as making it seem as though you are unable to change due to addictive history and repetitious behavior, potentially making one feel like a complete failure, it is very important to recognize this character even family or friend early on and completely remove them from the equation. The old cliché that misery loves company does not always pertain to your old dealer or friends that used with you in the highlight of your drug career, this could also be family and or co-workers and believe this to be true some people hate to see progress. Repeating their doubts and put-downs persistently in your mind can make you begin to believe them, and that is not conducive to a solid recovery. The fact that you have fought the battle of addiction, and have won, makes you a resilient person who is strong enough to fight any battle that life presents. This is called taking out the trash. And many people have a hard time ending bad relationships especially those that have been around so many in their life.

When dealing with adversity in relationships while in recovery, it is important to remember to not allow other person to distract you away from what is important: your recovery. Imagine this: you have a trash can, and when you are in a volatile relationship, each negative feeling and moment of argument is a piece of trash. As the relationship continues, your trash can begins to become very full, until eventually it is overflowing and there are just pieces of trash all over the floor. Your emotions become a mess. Know when to let go, know when it is time to take out the trash.

If the trash is not taken out, which eventually creates emotional baggage, the trash will begin to smell, like how negativity chips away at important aspects of your life, such as your emotional wellbeing. When emotions are unbalanced, other people will not want to be around you as much because, like the stinking pile of emotional trash, it is unattractive. In order to keep emotions well-balanced, it is important to practice the art of letting go. Relinquish the need to be right, break away from the ties which hold you down on a level of self-degradation, and do not hold tight onto resentment. There is great freedom that comes from being in tune with your emotions, and in the early stages of recovery, emotions can run high with just the smallest touch of adversity. Do not let your emotions control you, because giving in to such powerful emotions can lead to relapse. Instead, take the time to acknowledge them, so that the pieces of trash do not overflow and become a mess. When you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, you know that it is time to take out the trash.

Recent studies have shown according to Pepperdine University when 14 students took 100 polls on over 200 subjects, that over 95% of all smoking communities treated “quitters” poorly in the first 2 weeks of their commitment to quit smoking. It was proven that subconsciously each individual put un-easy pressures on the individuals in their circles that quit even to the point of calling names. Imagine how much more drastic this study would have been in the light of addiction and the use of heroin, where the reality is intensified 1000%. Next time you feel as though someone may not be the best fit for your new decisions simply take out the trash and never return.

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