Gentle Bees launch products made from honey and beeswax

Natural and herbal products are ruling the market like never before and many personal care brands have emerged in the recent times such as the Gentle Bees, which offer products made from natural ingredients. Since the natural products are known to be highly effective without causing any side effects and harm to the environment, they are gaining quite a popularity among the masses.

Gentle Bees was founded after Mecca’s lips were chapped. It started first as a project to make a better lip balm which could withstand the hot temperatures in Texas.  As a curious mind, he went on to discover that beeswax can be used to make a natural lip balm and it can also withstand the hot temperatures.

Frohne experimented with many natural ingredients and came up with the best that suited Mecca’s skin and also offered healing properties. This lip balm proved as a base to the foundation of Gentle Bees.

After this he created other lip balms with different flavors, using various natural ingredients along with more natural products such as soaps, candle tarts, sugar scrub and sugar wax. Derrick and Mecca used these products regularly and fascinated by the aroma and the effects of these products, Mecca joined the production team.

A few years back before founding Gentle Bees, Derrick Frohne also created Frohne in 2011, when he was in college. He created USB flash drives with multi functionalities such as eClip USB flash drive, and microSDHC +1, which got him customers from 10 countries.

Apart from providing the customers high quality and natural personal care products, their mission is to save and support the honeybees. Crop yield and its quality depend highly upon the pollination done by the honeybees.

In fact, Honeybee workers pollinate 80 percent of our flowering crops i.e. one-third of everything people eat, according to the study conducted by U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Gentle Bees also offers 30 days refund guarantee on all the unopened and unused products plus the users can send an email for Raif they receive wrong size, flavor or type of the item. Damaged delivery or items are also taken care of and the customer satisfaction is put as the first priority.

The shipping charges depend upon the weight and price of the products. All types of personal care products such as lip balm, bees wax, soap, USB flash drives and more can be found at

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