Jan 20, 2016 – Eliclaire has dug into maternal baby-wearing methods of the past and launched a best baby sling for all mothers in need of a practical carrying option today. Available in an original grey color, Eliclaire’s Baby Wrap Caeerier is light and handy, allowing mothers to continue living their lives knowing their babies are warm, safe, and close to their hearts.

“Strollers are expensive, large, and hard to maneuver in crowded and tight places,” said Jitka Najmanova, Owner of the company. “Mothers deserve an easy and transportable alternative. Our best baby sling allows mothers to take control and go places knowing their babies are safe and tightly protected.”

The Eliclaire Baby Wrap Carrier is 55 cm wide and 520 cm long  (21.65 x 204 inches), a one size fits all (for infants weighing up to 15.8 kg / 35 lbs.) wrapping method.

“Please be sure to visit our website and learn how to properly wrap the best baby sling before using it with your child,” said Najmanova. “Always make sure your baby has ample breathing room upon lodging them inside the wrap. Once you get the hang of it, your Eliclaire Best Baby Sling can be packed and brought anywhere!”

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