Swan Manor: An Elegant Wedding & Event Venue in Charlotte NC

Swan Manor is an elegant venue for holding weddings, anniversaries, corporate getaways, parties and more. The estate is located in Monroe NC and serves the greater Charlotte metro area. With its perfectly manicured grounds, row of white, 3-story columns, flower beds and serene reflection pond, the 6,800 square feet house is perfect wedding venue Charlotte/Monroe NC for those who are dreaming of a romantic wedding day.

Finding a good wedding venue is important as the location sets the mood for the whole event. The venue can make or break a wedding. Sometimes, the selection of venue can ruin a couple’s big day. The wedding is the most crucial event of a person’s life, so choosing the venue should be prioritized as well.

There are memorable moments in life that people treasure and sometimes, they choose a venue that had the most impact to them. Maybe it is the first place where they met or where the man proposed to his partner. Many people choose a place that is sentimental to them. A lot of couples also choose exotic locations for their wedding. The romantic aspect of getting married at sunset or at the beach is surely enticing, but nothing beats Swan Manor when it comes to romance and love.

In the middle of the back lawn is the gazebo where couples exchange their vows. In case of bad weather, small weddings can be held inside the house. Larger weddings can be moved into the carriage house.  For many years, Swan Manor has been used for various events and receptions. From simple dinners to traditional picnics to extravagant parties, the estate has seen a lot of use but it never once lost its charm.

The pristine condition of Swan Manor is not the only thing that it has to offer. The staff of the estate has ensured that Swan Manor will be the ideal venue for weddings and events. Inside the house is a foyer and a groom’s suite and bridal suite for relaxing and dressing. There are also multiple dining areas, a bar service area, sitting rooms and powder rooms. Receptions can be held in the adjacent carriage house. The spacious climate-controlled, ballroom space is capable of holding up to 100 guests and can be decorated to suit any theme. The couple can also choose to open the roll-up doors to the well-lit patio to increase the usable space.

The best marriage ceremony is the one that guests remember and talk about even after many years have passed. They remember the wonderful atmosphere that made them unforgettable. Every couple wants their big day to be memorable. Swan Manor makes this possible. The estate also offers a wide range of wedding packages and prices to meet all needs and budget. Guests are invited to have their bridal portraits and engagement photos photographed at Swan Manor for free. Couples who already have their own outside vendors and event planner, but want the estate to be their wedding venue can bring them in.

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