Perfect Memorials Introduces Biodegradable Paw Pods Urns and Caskets That Offer an Environmentally Friendly Way to Bury Pets

Perfect Memorials offers a new line of biodegradable pet urns and caskets that are environmentally safe and honors the death of your beloved pet in a unique way.

Perfect Memorials, the leading online retailer of premium quality memorial products is featuring biodegradable Paw Pods that are available starting the month of January.

“We are excited to be introducing Paw Pods into our vast selection of memorial products. Paw Pods are a new way that families can bury and honor their beloved pet while still being mindful of the environment,” says Shawn O’Brien, Product Specialist at Perfect Memorials. “These urns and caskets come in many different shapes and sizes and are beautifully crafted out of biodegradable bamboo and rice husks. We are very excited to begin offering these affordable and environmentally-conscious pet burial options to families seeking an alternative to the standard non-biodegradable options that until recently were their only option.”

Perfect Memorials is proud to be offering a type of pet burial system that takes into consideration the safety of the environment while honoring the life and loss of a family pet. Paw Pods are made from recycled materials and can be used for burial or display. They are available in various shapes and sizes and come with a seeded leaf that can be planted along with the pod or urn that allows wild flowers to grow in loving honor of your pet.

Paw Pods are available for purchase starting the month of January with prices starting at $14.95 including free shipping and their best price guarantee

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About Perfect Memorials:

Perfect Memorials is one of the premier suppliers of high quality and affordable memorial products. Their list of memorial products offered includes cremation urns, cremation jewelry, pet urns, outdoor memorials, and many other types of personalized and custom-made memorial products.

Perfect Memorials offers the largest collection of memorial products in the world, exceeding over 13,000 premium-quality items in its catalog. In addition to having the largest selection in the industry, Perfect Memorials boasts over 30,000 customer and product 

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