Hot Box – Premier Subscription Box for Smokers Expands Into Warehouse

Chicago, Illinois – January 21st, 2016 – Hot Box, an elite subscription box company dedicated to providing smokers with monthly products, has recently expanded to a new location at 2419 West 14th Street in Chicago, Illinois.

The new location was designed to help increase production, as the new company has seen rapid growth since forming in early 2015. This premiere location will allow them to work on shipping the products more effectively, and will give them quick access to the local market of downtown Chicago, which is only minutes away. “We’ve seen a lot of growth in the first year. Our investors have allowed us to move to a new, better location, which will only help the business grow exponentially in 2016,” says owner Jake Hoover.

The biggest challenge Hot Box has faced throughout the past year has been packaging. Mr. Hoover did packaging, shipping, and management out of his home in Chicago, but expanding to the new location will allow him and his team to expedite the process. For the company, this means bigger challenges, but also a chance to make it big.

“While packing at my own home our room for growth was small. I could only pack upwards of 500 boxes per month at my own home.” This location change will, in hopes, skyrocket the business as they can take on new customers now. They had exceeded their potential while in the business owner’s home, but now the sky is the limit for Hot Box.

Hopes are certainly high for Hot Box, a company that’s taking advantage of a growing  industry in the United States. Jake Hoover stated, “I think we could pack maybe 15, or 20 times as many boxes if we have the room to help make our process more efficient.” Expect Hot Box to continue growing in the Chicago area, and throughout the world during 2016.

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Company Name: Hot Box
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