50+ Multi-county Organizations Work Together to Launch Groundbreaking Anti-Trafficking Movement Prior to Super Bowl 50

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Jan 21, 2016 – Today marks the official launch of the No Traffick Ahead Billboard Campaign, which unveils a series of print PSAs across the Bay Area on different platforms including billboards, city buses, and public toilets prior to Super Bowl 50 weekend. The campaign aims to help the audience understand how human trafficking intersects with their lives everyday.

“It isn’t just about getting people to realize that human trafficking happens. It is about realizing how many different communities this affects, and recognizing that we may come into contact with people who are being exploited on a daily basis,” said Sharan Dhanoa, Coordinator of No Traffick Ahead.

Key Bay Area political figures and those pivotal in the fight against human trafficking, including San Francisco Supervisor Katy Tang, Casey Bates from the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, Regina Evans, Survivor and founder of Love Never Fails to name just a view.

No Traffick Ahead (NTA) is the largest multi-county workgroup in the greater Northern California Bay Area composed of over 50 agencies and groups collaborating on the issue of human trafficking by focusing on prevention/advocacy, intervention and aftercare. Participants include direct and legal service providers, local and federal law enforcement, local government officials, health care providers, as well as community, faith-based and survivor-led outreach groups.

“No Traffick Ahead is the collaborative convergence of the everyday action and preventative measures we see necessary to make the Bay Area a place where traffickers are not welcome to do business for years to come,” said Betty Ann Boeving, Executive Director of BAATC.

No Traffick Ahead hopes to inform audiences that Super Bowl 50 is not the only time human trafficking occurs, but it is a problem happening every single day in our own neighborhoods and all of us need to be aware and informed so we can stop human trafficking. The NTA website is the first initiative to bring together all the information and resources into one place.

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