LOS ANGELES, CA – Jan 22, 2016 – Lorcan Kilroy M.F.A., a dismissed Los Angeles High School Art teacher and the son of acclaimed Irish Novelist Thomas Kilroy, has posted name-redacted records of fellow teachers’ police records on his Facebook. This has led the nation’s second largest school district to file a motion in Federal Court for an extraordinary gag order which will prevent Kilroy from speaking to any employees, parents or students in the Los Angeles Unified School District and  remove Facebook posts from:

Mr. Kilroy argues that his social media posts of the Police documents, which he obtained through a Federal Court subpoena to the Los Angeles Police Department, are protected under first amendment rights and that the public has an interest in knowing about the unconsequenced records of public school teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

It all started back in 2012 when Kilroy was suspended and recommended for dismissal, and his teaching license targeted, after he wrote a letter to parents. Kilroy was featured in a clip on the NBC evening news and the letter to parents was posted online. But Kilroy states he was really targeted because of his complaints on behalf of special education student in his Art classes who he says were deprived of elective choices. Kilroy says he then discovered multiple other teachers having been unconsequenced or simply moved to other schools for acts ranging from choking students and other staff, fighting students, being drunk on campus, shoving, other battery, criminal and death threats, profanity,  patting students on the buttocks, forgery, possession of  controlled substances, possession of illegal firearm used in a crime, identity theft, and  vandalism. Kilroy says this does not compare with a  letter to parents and  filed a lawsuit by himself because he says he could not afford the litigation with a lawyer involved.

After two years the United States District Court has Kilroy, an Art teacher with no legal experience, pitted against Hurrell Cantrall LLP, an outside firm of lawyers hired by the Los Angeles Unified School District. Kilroy says he is just trying to get his job back and save his teaching license and his reputation, and that LAUSD has not “fought fair” in court but employed stalling and “lawyer tactics outside the merits” to conceal more evidence, and even tried to falsify evidence against him and fire him to thwart justice. Los Angeles Unified Board of Education members had no comment and will not reveal how much taxpayer money they have spent fighting Art teacher Kilroy for two years. There are over two hundred filings and multiple motions on the record in the case USDC cv13-06373 DMG(FFM).

On Kilroy’s Facebook the teachers’ names are redacted but some of the posted material is truly extraordinary. You have to see it to believe it. There’s the teacher at Twain middle school in the Venice section of Los Angeles, labeled John Doe 3, who choked a student while on probation for domestic violence with injury and is still teaching at the school, unconsequenced by LAUSD or CTC, the California teacher licensing commission. CTC is supposed to run teachers through a law enforcement database every year to catch crimes.

Another teacher at Kilroy’s previous workplace, Van Nuys High school, has police investigative and arrest records marked John Doe 2 stretching over 14 years from 1997 to 2011 when the teacher retired, for the following offenses:

1. An Oct 1997 Los Angeles Police investigative report (IR) for patting a female student on the buttock. LAPD report # (DR#) 971636621.
2. An April 2001 Los Angeles Police arrest record for criminal threats – DR# 01-15-12601.
3. A Dec 2006 Los Angeles Police investigative report for Vandalism, DR# 06-10-38476.pdf
4. A June 2, 2009 Los Angeles Police arrest for forgery, 4324 (A) B&P, DR# 090913380 listing Van Nuys High School as employer and job as teacher.
5. A June 10, 2009 Los Angeles Police arrest, detailing an undercover operation involving surveillance at listed employer Van Nuys High school, arrest for Possession of a controlled substance 11350 HS, DR# 0910-13374.
6. An April 2010 Los Angeles Police Investigative report for forgery and identity theft – DR# 100910282.
7. A June 2010 Los Angeles Police investigative Report for identity theft 530.5(a) pc – DR# 101712579.
8. A Nov 2011 arrest record for 594(a) pc Vandalizing Principal’s vehicle at Van Nuys High school – DR# 11-09-08703.

There is no record of any consequence by CTC or LAUSD or interruption in their service as a teacher, save for one temporary suspension at the end of the 14-year run of criminal arrests and investigations.

Kilroy says the bottom line is the district secretly  “protects” some teachers at cost to childrens’ safety, even changing incident reports and school police investigative documents and making witness statements “disappear”, while targeting other teachers like himself who stand up for the rights of kids. He says the protected teachers are usually middle class and White while the victims are invariably Latino or other minorities from “Barrio” neighborhoods. Kilroy states in his lawsuit that incidents of teachers’ abusing student are routinely marked as “student fighting” on LAUSD incident reports, instead of teacher as suspect, to save the teacher’s job.

Case in point is probably the most extraordinary group of police and LAUSD documents labeled “John Doe 1”. They show the “meltdown” of a teacher at Van Nuys High school witnessed choking, shoving a student, threatening his life, then chasing him through the hallway to another classroom before dragging the 15 year old Latino special education student across the floor, all the while calling him profanities. All the witness statements are then shown to be missing from the LAUSD incident report and subsequent multiple police reports of both LAUSD police and the Los Angeles Police Department. Police reports show changes to the date of incident and a school Police report changes the date of investigation to a date after the report was filed, an impossible scenario.

The LAUSD incident report categorizes the incident as student fighting.  Kilroy’s second amended Federal Court complaint has sworn exhibits showing his multiple communications to higher LAUSD staff including Board of Education members and the superintendent about the John Doe 1 incident’s cover up, but no action taken. Then Kilroy complains to Los Angeles Police department command staff who are seen to have written a “fact sheet” to the Los Angeles Police Commission about the “John Doe 1” meltdown stating the investigation checked out. Yet the LAPD “fact sheet” denies the witness statements existed and fails to mention the inconsistencies. Kilroy says that after he filed a Federal Lawsuit Police command staff “backtracked” and now refuse to turn over the signed versions of their reports to the Police Commission about John Doe 1’s meltdown. The Captain in charge of juvenile division at the time has left the LAPD. Unbelievable? The remarkable postings on Kilroy’s Facebook are filed under penalty of perjury in Federal Court.

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is the largest (in terms of number of students) public school system in the U.S. state of California. It is the 2nd largest public school district in the United States. The LAUSD has struggled for years to free itself of a reputation for extremely crowded schools with large class sizes, high dropout and expulsion rates, and low academic performance in many schools. The district has spawned a seemingly never ending string of sex and other child abuse scandals leading to lawsuits, and resultant record breaking multi million dollar payouts such as the now famous Miramonte school scandal.

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