Independent Artist Launches Revolutionary Streaming App That Will Change The Music Industry Forever

TheDiktatorApp Offers Musicians an Innovative Platform to Connect With Fans

Marcus “DIKTATOR” Paysour is an independent artist, and entrepreneur, out of Charlotte, NC who is using mobile technology to create and revolutionize the way Hip-Hop and R&B artists connect with, and introduce their music to fans.  Along with partner Julius Clark, he has created “TheDiktatorApp,” to offer listeners content from some of their favorite rappers, including: Lil Wayne, Master P., Drake, Future, and T.I.  The app is also home to up and coming artists like Mali, Trarius, George Tandy, and others; as well as to DIKTATOR’s growing library of music, videos and mix shows.

“In a time when the industry is unpredictable, and the ability to get your music and brand in front of the right people becomes more and more challenging, TheDiktatorApp offers the next generation of both mainstream and independent artists the platform and opportunity to market their content, and tell their stories, to a vast and eager audience,” said DIKTATOR.

“The new app also allows music fans to learn about new and underground artists who may not have broke through the mainstream music industry, providing music fans all over the world with a platform that showcases real music and not manufactured pop.” However, with the new TheDiktatorApp, unsigned artists will now have a platform to generate the exposure they need to increase their fan base for a successful music career. The new app also allows music fans to learn about new artists who are failing to breakthrough the mainstream music industry, providing music fans all over the world with a platform that showcases really music and not manufactured pop.

Additional content, and features on TheDiktatorApp include:

• More than 30 hours of radio on demand content, including the celebration of the ten-year anniversary of K.O.C. Records.

• A digital daily newspaper, “MusicNTechnologyDaily,” which is released exclusively through the app.

• New music, present and unreleased exclusive tracks from DIKTATOR.

• An exclusive feature called “the Drop Tab” that allows people to use their mobile smart phones to interact with the brand and give shout outs, and drops.  Drops are recorded messages from fans or celebrities introducing theirselves and the brand.  Conveniently people can utilize TheDiktatorApp to record their Drops straight from their mobile smart phones.  DIKTATOR also utilizes “the Drop Tab” to record exclusive audio on-site at events for his monthly radio show.

And much more.

Another prominent feature on TheDiktatorApp is the ability to stream DIKTATOR’s monthly radio program, the ItzMoreThanMusicRadioShow, which airs on the first Sunday of every month at 8:00pm EST, via global internet radio station Power 104.4 FM. Through the app, listeners will also have access to past shows.  This is another way for guests who appear on the program to have the ability to talk to a large audience for a longer period of time than they might have from an interview on a traditional mainstream radio station. 

Similar to DIKTATOR’s mission, the goal of the ItzMoreThanMusicRadioShow is to uplift and inspire, and to impact communities across the world in a positive way.

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About Marcus “DIKTATOR” Paysour:

A native of Charlotte, NC, DIKTATOR’s love of music can be traced back to when he was just six years old; and many of his modern day peers have marveled at his uncanny ability to capture clear, simple, powerful, and heartfelt truisms about life in his music.

More than fifteen years ago, DIKTATOR and three friends formed a rap group called “NU WORLD,” and shortly thereafter, they were named the opening act for the No Limit All-stars tour, which featured rap sensation Lil’ Romeo.  A solo career followed for DIKTATOR, and his popularity and fan-base began to soar.

In August of 2003, he was the opening act for platinum selling and award-winning rap artist T.I, and in 2004, DIKTATOR completed his first album Shut It Down.   He worked with No Limit Records Founder/recording artist Master P. on the song “Cakboy,” and Master P also featured DIKTATOR’s music on the soundtrack of his first movie release, Repos.  He also teamed with Master P. and No Limit Records on the promotion of the “Giving Stars Tour,” a series of concerts held in the Carolinas.

Inspired by his collaboration with Master P., DIKTATOR set his sights on making a meaningful impact in the music industry, and he began to work with local artists in the city of Charlotte, both in the hip-hop and R&B communities.  He created the single “Feen” with the singer Trarius, and the song was so well-received that it was used as the official intro for Charlotte radio station WPEG-FM’s “Morning Madd House.”  In addition, DIKTATOR’s music has been featured in Charlotte Fashion Week, during the show for iconic rapper Lil’ Kim’s clothing line.

Proving that his talent is multifaceted, DIKTATOR has extended his reach beyond music through an acting role in the stage play “Thank God Somebody Prayed For Me,” and if you have visited the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce recently, you might recognize DIKTATOR’s voice as the narrator of their economic development film.

Guided by the mission statement that if you stay true to yourself then you can achieve your dreams and a lot more beyond your imagination, DIKTATOR is a creative visionary, and a force to be reckoned with. 

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