Flat track racer Terry Werner aims to create a pollution free ATV

Terry Werner is all set to create a battery powered, eco-friendly and pollution free ATV and he has launched a project on ‘Go Fund Me’ with a goal of 12.5k.

Despite being a seasoned experienced flat-track ATV/quad racer, he is currently facing a financial crunch and now he has no quad.  Terry he gave up his 250cc-R Honda Quad with all the spare parts to a young kid who did not have the money to pay for it when he was going to move out of the state for some work.  But 3 weeks after he gave up his quad the income source he was going to depend on disappeared.

He is making all the efforts he can to get a new quad to race with but due to some credit card fraud his score was degraded and he could not purchase the 2015 – 700cc Yamaha Raptor.  The issue was resolved but he is not able to get any loans due to no credit history.  The quad that he was is seeking to buy would have cost around $15,000 just to be competitive.  

Due to all these situations, he decided to look for a different solution and discovered he could build a super fast 100% battery powered quad for about $12,500.  Even though the battery powered ATV will cost less as compared to the regular gas powered quads which could cost more than $20,000, this ATV will have a considerable  horsepower and instant torque advantage.

Terry might not be able to offer much of material rewards for the contribution made by the people yet he is offering what he can.  For donating $25 or more, the backers will receive email updates every two weeks, plus daily step by step details will be sent when the project is completed so you can build your own, along with a video of Terry racing the ATV on the track.

The ATV that he’s planning to build will help him regain his life back as a racer and produce a source of income.  He invites people to join by supporting his campaign and create their own zero noise/pollution free motorcycles or ATVs which will produce awesome performance and fun without damaging the environment.

The campaign needs to be completed within 15-20 days so he has time to build the quad from the ground up and be ready for the summer racing season.  More information about the campaign can be found on ‘Go Fund Me’.

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