Rocklauncher planning crowdfunding campaign to launch an unique iOS storage solution

MFi certified DMstick offers different, unobtrusive storage for iOS devices

Rocklauncher has announced that it will start a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in early Feb to fund the creation of its first product, DMstick, an Apple MFi certified flash drive with a well thought out, convenient design for iPhone, iPad users.

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The DMstick differs from other iOS storage devices in its design. Its L-shaped body plugs into a device’s Lightning port and wraps around the back of the device, making it not extrusive and practical to use on the go and easy for single hand operation. Other offerings on the market resemble a traditional USB flash drive and protrude from the base of the device, making them extrusive and vulnerable to knocks and damage. 

“Because DMstick curves back on itself, it’s more comfortable to use a device like an iPhone while it’s attached,” a Rocklauncher spokesperson said. “It’s much easy to use while out and about.”

The device, which will be available in black or white and in 16, 32, 64 and 128GB storage capacity, allows users to have extra storage without having to pay for an expensive new device. It also allows for easy file transfer between Windows and OSX computers and iOS devices running iOS 6.1 or above.

With the free DM Airplay app, users can transfer files, make backups of their device, play videos or music and even capture photos and videos directly to DMstick storage without using the internal storage on their iOS devices.

“We’ve heard people complain that they have to delete photos and videos regularly so they don’t run out of storage space,” the spokesperson said. “With DMstick, they won’t have to worry about missing a special moment because they don’t have enough storage.”

Rocklauncher is a new product launching platform focused on selected innovative consumer product offerings. DMstick is its first product offering, and it plans to launch several more during 2016.

Early backers of DMstick can get 40 percent off at the Indiegogo campaign page at in early Feb. You can opt in today at the DMstick website, and get more information.

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