Hands Free Activation of this 3 in 1 iPhone Safety App providing Emergency Alerts, Covert Text Messaging, and Covert Recording, is now available for the first time ever.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – 25 Jan, 2016 – Covert Alert is the first Hands-Free Speech Activated 3 in 1 App on the market today. Covert Alert, once activated in an emergency situation, not only sends a message to the users designated contacts, but provides a link for tracking the user in real time GPS, including MPH in the event of a kidnapping. Covert Alert covertly records the emergency event not only on your local device, but on secure servers for future retrieval, and the recordings are crystal clear.

Seldom do you have the use of your hands to activate an alert in an emergency, or to reach for a weapon to assist, now family, friends, and confidants, may be notified by just using your voice, covertly. In addition to the hands-free emergency and covert recording features, Covert Alert contains covert texting options that may be used in non-emergency situations. Hands- free texting to specific friends, co-workers, confidants, or family may be used in uncomfortable situations you want removed from; from long extended meetings; from social events you want to leave but need an excuse; and in many other settings that require the need for a confidential messaging system that is activated only by your voice, and no one around you is aware the message was sent.

Kim Worland, Vice President of Media Relations, believes every iPhone user should have Covert Alert as an additional safety measure in 2016. She stated, “Our team spent 16 months developing Covert Alert to provide a voice activated App to assist quickly in emergency situations. We did not cut corners just to get an app on the market, but included every feature to assist users in emergencies, and in situations of abuse and discrimination of all types. Hands-free activation without anyone’s knowledge, and the ability to Covertly Record those situations, are a must in today’s society.” She went on to say, “we believe so much in the need for everyone to add an extra layer of defence, from the period January 21st through January 31st, Covert Alert will be available on the iTunes App store for 99 cents.”

There is no monthly subscription cost, just a one-time fee of 99 cents for this limited time.

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The Company is located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana and was founded in 2014. Innovation leads to simplicity is the Company’s mission and they are dedicated in the development of applications and software for business and individual consumers in the area of safety, security, and public awareness.

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