United Card Solutions recommends guidelines for selecting merchant services provider

Finding the perfect merchant services provider can be an overwhelming experience.  Who do you choose?  How do you choose them?  How do I know I have made the correct decision?

United Card Solutions has 5 questions and guidelines that can help you with your search.

1. Ask your perspective processor questions. 

Please consider Customer service:  Are they easy to get hold of with a toll free number?  What are their hours of operation?

What is their track record like?  Is their website professional and easy to navigate?  Do they have a good online reputation from previous customers? 

2. Know and be comfortable with their fees.

Different merchant service providers have widely different fees.  Make absolutely certain that you know the fees and they are reasonable, but, beware of overly-reasonable fees.  If you are being offered substantially lower rates than all the other companies in the industry, do not take the bait.  You are almost always guaranteed to get hit with hidden fees down the road.

3. Stay away from Banks

Stay with a true merchant service provider rather than a bank.  There are actually no real advantages to using a bank in this internet age.  Most banks lack the latest technology that can provide a top notch merchant account, especially if you are involved with e commerce and wireless activity.

4. Watch out for Caps

Make sure your merchant services provider does not have a cap on your monthly volume.  If you are having a record month, and then you are not able to process CCs because of a cap on your volume then your business could be ruined in a matter of days.  Take the time to find an account that allows for maximum flexibility month to month.

5. Extra Questions:

How long have they been in business?

Does the staff have the level of experience to provide top quality care for your business?

Are you comfortable with your rep and how they treat you?  That will be great indication of the type of service you will receive.

If you have any questions, contact United Card Solutions at http://www.unitedcardsolutions.com

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