JB Escalator cleaning services introduces innovative cleaning technique without downtime

JB Escalator cleaning services is a team of skilled and professional technicians that provide commercial escalator cleaning services. The services are available across any commercial or non-commercial escalators running a site in the whole USA. That too in the most economical prices.

The JB cleaning service uses a unique and revolutionary cleaning method for the steps as well as the risers, cleaning both of these simultaneously. Using the best in class technology and cleaning methods, JB escalator cleaner’s have already become a favourite amongst their customers. Not only the process of cleaning is clean and effective but also the unique technique used to clean the escalators ensures that there is no downtime required while you send the escalators for servicing. Unlike, other cleaning services that dismantle the whole escalator to clean and wash the garbage away that was accumulated on the escalators, which requires a down time of around 1-2 weeks. Usually, for running a commercial site, escalators are a must for the client and they cannot afford to provide a downtime for the escalators at all. So, for such instances, the JB escalator cleaning services takes only 8 hours for the thorough cleaning session without having to dismantle the whole system. On request, the cleaning services can be completed in the non-business hours to ensure that the business doesn’t get affected by the cleaning works.

JB Escalator cleaning service is known for their skilled technicians equipped with some of the best in the industry equipments such as Apollo S200, Z700 which ensure an effective and dedicated power cleaning. A ‘Green solution’ is a cleaning solution specially designed for such cleanings to ensure it cleans very nook and corner of the escalator without hampering or distorting the working of the escalator or its machinery. This process of cleaning is not only time saving, but improves the life of the escalators, making it ready for immediate use after cleaning.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits for using the cleaning services, there are some special value ads that can be attained from cleaning it regularly. Some of the most major benefits are: Corrosion control, equipment safety, reduced maintenance cost and better appearance which are usually not done when escalators are left unclean, oily, greasy thus leading to multiple problems such as skidding, slipping or faulty equipment leading to many risks including lawsuits.

On special request, customers can also get additional service for escalators such as step demarcation of the escalator, resurfacing of the handrails, cleaning of the moving walk away and much more.

For more details the website can be accessed by clicking here, you can even get the estimated quotations to compare the services with other service providers in the market.

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