Airwheel presents A3 Sitting-posture 2 wheel electric scooter which mounted with a Seat

This model scooter from Airwheel could be a perfect for superkank or most men. That is Airwheel A3 a two-wheeled electric scooter meant for each rider obsessed with wheels. A3 is going to bring you to the place as you wish.

Living in a tech world, people always can get what they want. Owing to the birth of A3, any terrain the rider can have a try. Though A3 has two wheels, it looks like one big twin-wheel since two wheels are located in the left and right sides of the riding position. This style of A3 Sitting-posture 2 wheel electric scooter inherits the traditional riding posture. A standard riding pose is that there are handlebars for hands, pedals installed in the center of the rims for feet, and a cushion for the butt. The reason why Airwheel design it like this is that this structure conforms to the principles of ergonomics which brings a comfortable experience to the rider. Based on that, this scooter can give riders a wonderful riding experience. The whole design it adopts is the orange element—orange star on the bar, orange surface of cushion with damper spring, and orange sectors on the wheels. It stands for energy and health via its exterior.

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For the style of this self-balancing electric scooter is unique, you can hardly see someone to ride it. If at this moment you ride it, you must be the center of attentions. With its flexibility and sturdy tires, A3 is capable to conquer all terrains such as grass, gravel road, and dirt road. Some curious people may come up to you for asking for information of your stylish scooter. On the other hand, you can ride A3 to have a short haul to get nature closer.

self-balancing electric scooter

Lastly, riding the scooter can help to release stress from life and work. By this way, you are going to have a good mood. Airwheel A3 sitting posture electric scooter deserves to be owned by those people who are obsessed with two-wheeler. This scooter is gonna to offer the user a fresh riding experience. Because life is short there is no need to wait until the time has already passed away. Just ride A3 heading to a joyful trip.

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