Fighting Alzheimer’s And Dementia Gets Easy With iTunes New Health App, BrainSoar

Takahiro Ninomiya launched an excellent health app BrainSoar that will help users to fight memory loss issues like Alzheimer’s & dementia effectively with dual task training of Calculation and Subtracting numbers sequentially. The app is exclusively available only on iTunes store.

Chiba, Japan – 26 Jan 2016 – Fighting Alzheimer’s & dementia has never been easier- Takahiro Ninomiya  has launched a new health app BrainSoar on iTunes store which is meant to fight memory loss by keeping the brain smart and strong.

The cutting edge app counts on dual task training to keep the brain sharp that prevents the chances of Alzheimer’s & other raging memory loss issues. Surprisingly effective, BrainSoar is a breeze to use.

The user here would be given to solve problems while they are engaged in different activities such as exercising or gardening or walking and so on. There would be two sets of problem solving sessions.

One is “Calculation” where the users would need to perform mental arithmetic problems for a definite time period. It is easy to adjust the time interval in between dictation of the sum & answer any time.

The other one is “Subtracting numbers sequentially” where the users have to subtract a figure repeatedly right from start number till he reaches zero. Answers would be revealed at chosen interval and the interval speed can be customized easily.

“Don’t freak out if your answer comes wrong. The most important thing here is to make your brain exercise and work towards solving a problem even when you are engaged elsewhere,”stated a leading spokesperson from the BrainSoar development team.

The app would be the most effective when the user is on a moving state. Added to English, the app supports Japanese, French, and Traditional Chinese & Simplified Chinese. Best results can be achieved when the app is used at least 30 minutes a day & 3 times a week for up to a year.

For more info, please visit the official page for BrainSoar or contact them:

Media Contact
Company Name: BrainSoar
Contact Person: Takahiro Ninomiya
Phone: 080-5542-2277
Address:2234-2, Takashi, Mobara
City: Chiba
Country: Japan