GSDLN Publishes New Ultimate Guide To Passing A Hair Follicle Drug Test

GSDLN has observed an increase in hair follicle drug tests, they are harder to fake than urine tests, so they created a guide to try and help individuals pass these tests with a range of techniques.

Hair follicle drugs tests are becoming more common than ever in a wide range of workplaces, putting a great deal of pressure on the workforce, who risk being penalised for recreational choices that have no bearing on their job performance, as hair tells the tale of drug use for months after the incident, instead of the days a common urine tests will assess. GSDLN is an online resource center committed to helping people overcome life challenges like these, and has published a new guide to passing a hair follicle drug test.

Granite State Distance Learning Network has created a guide with five distinct sections replete with a multitude of sub-sections, outlining a broad range of approaches and techniques individuals can use at different stages and with different amounts of notice in order to ensure a clean pass from the test. While the cost more than urine tests, they are far more accurate and harder to cheat.

The guide is deep and comprehensive, explaining in easy to read plain English the science behind the tests and its limitations, together with offering guides to people’s rights and product reviews of things like Aloe Rid Shampoo – the only known product to help beat the test. The guide even helps people test themselves at home in advance of the initial test so they can ensure they are clean. 

A spokesperson for GSDLN explained, “GSDLN is pleased to be able to help people preserve some of their dignity and get through these increasingly common tests so their career trajectory isn’t permanently altered as the result of a one-time spontaneous decision. The article has been thoroughly researched and all the products recommended have been personally tested by our editorial team to ensure their effectiveness, with research drawn from experts in the field to inform the approaches recommended. The result is the most comprehensive guide available online to passing a hair follicle drugs test.”

About GSDLN:

Granite State Distance Learning Network (GSDLN) was created to help provide invaluable resources to individuals facing everyday challenges, helping them overcome problems in their daily lives in new and novel ways. The website now produces comprehensive ultimate guides to a range of modern life challenges, and is regularly updated with new ideas and techniques to tackle a broad range of problems.

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