Digital Marketing Agency Knocking Door Transforms Online Marketing For Animal Feed Providers Champrix and Nusana

Knocking Door has been commissioned to undertake online marketing for animal feed providers Champrix and Nusana, and has already created some impressive results on their behalf.

Online marketing is now an essential tool in every conceivable industry, and businesses that don’t make the best of its potential often risk missing out on the clients that could take their businesses to the next level. Knocking Door is an invaluable resource for online marketing consultancy, that specializes in helping businesses take their marketing to the next level, and has recently entered a partnership with animal feed providers Champrix and Nusana.

Knocking Door started the relationship with Champrix and Nusana by first organizing a comprehensive audit and competitive analysis, examining Champrix’s and Nusan’s owned channels and earned media in addition to those of its competitors. 

Based on the findings, the agency crafted a strategy document outlining Knocking Door’s overarching goal, core messaging, strategy and tactics, providing a comprehensive roadmap for success.

The results of these initial efforts was an 85% increase in traffic to the Nusana and Champrix sites. 35% of Nusana and Champrix’s total traffic was driven directly from advertising referrals, social referrals and media referrals. Knocking Door continues to improve international and domestic marketing for both companies, and is creating a buzz that has so far earned 480,000 combined impressions.

A spokesperson for Knocking Door explained, “What Champrix and Nusana do is amazing – the product they have provides next level nutrition with reduced carbon footprint not just in its manufacture but from the animals themselves, reducing the mineral and CO2 excretions. Our task was to activate interest in parties who could benefit from this product using all the tools the internet has to offer, and while we have created great results in a short time, our next challenge will be to ensure there is a solid foundation there to make Champrix and Nusana the biggest names in their industry in the years to come. For now, we’re celebrating a strong start to our partnership in 2016.”

About Knocking Door:

Knocking Door increases the brand awareness and traffic to websites. The agency will support the client’s goal of growing awareness and interest in their products through social advertising, content marketing and targeted media outreach. Knocking Door also manages social media strategy aimed at engaging and growing communities for businesses on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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