Laser Epilation Experts Centre EpilDef Opens New Paris Location

Residents of Paris and other nearby areas can now take full advantage of the laser epilation services as Centre EpilDef opens their brand new location in the city.

More and more people are now addressing their unwanted hair problems in the safest and most effective way possible and Centre EpilDef takes great pride in opening the doors of their new Paris location for those who are looking for quality hair removal services that guarantee utmost satisfaction.

The company’s new center in the city welcomes their clients into a relaxed and warm atmosphere in order to make their experience the highest level of comfort during their sessions. With their help, people can expect that their excessive hair will soon be gone and can enjoy better aesthetics through the permanent hair removal services like no other.  makes use of a technique that has been recently discovered but has already attracted a lot of clients that were left dissatisfied by the traditional methods of removing excess hair. This permanent hair removal is deemed to be the perfect solution for women who dream of having the smoothest skin and even those men who want to finally say goodbye to their too much hairiness.

For the longest time, people have been left with no choice but to stick to the traditional hair removal methods, the most common of which is none other than the classic waxing. Unfortunately, the whole process can get too messy and even painful and the worse is that the hair tends to grow so fast that you would have to submit yourself to the whole procedure over and over again in just a matter of weeks or even days, depending on your body’s hair growth.

Good thing that with the help of Centre EpilDef, an innovative and proven method of removing excess body hair can be taken advantage of by both men and women. The clinic’s laser hair removal for men and women is guaranteed to provide permanent results without weakening the skin, something that is very important especially when the removal will be done on the different areas of the face.

They make use of a reliable technique and Centre EpilDef also utilizes the most modern equipment together with the most advanced and state of the art technology in the field of IPL or intense pulse light. The hair removal technology is primarily based on laser hair removal, which is a technique that has been proven safe and effective for two decades. After several sessions, you will notice that your hair is completely gone, thus paving way to the emergence of smoother skin.

With their new location in Paris, Centre EpilDef hopes that more men and women will take advantage of their quality laser epilation service and experience its difference.

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Contact Person: Florian Roub
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Address:14 rue Saint Lazare
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