Airwheel lunched Golden technologies Q1 Twin-wheeled Scooter an Elf in the Urban

Groundbreaking innovations that lay in wait are just right in front of mankind. For instance, Airwheel couldn’t wait to show off the twin-wheel electric scooter Airwheel Q1 that is an elf zipping around in the urban.

This bright world filled with abundance awaits all of us to experience it. Living in the hustle and bustle of the city, most people are eager to get a soul mate or something to relieve the burden in the bottom of the heart. For instance, the innovation of twin-wheel electric scooter Airwheel Q1 is just the thing, an elf in the city to alleviate the sufferings caused by realistic society.

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Why not the twin-wheeled ones whose wheels are located side-by-side, space-saving can be a new vehicle since two wheels located in the front and back of vehicles can be driven on the road? Maybe Airwheel Q1 electric scooter is invented based on this thought. It’s really mini and stylish with 12.5-inch twin-tire as if it’s an elf. The outspread idea of this mini transport is meant for the people eager to relieve the burden in the heart. Such an adorable and useful stuff can be everyone’s travel tool. Despite the fact that it’s small, it can load with 120kg.

Its design style is concise, yet full of visual beauty with two different circles overlapping. There are two color assortments to choose from. One is black paired with red; the other one is white going with yellow, which offer customers an alternative. It’s powered by battery, and the range it can reach is 23 kilometers after a full charge boasting the maximum speed 18 kilometers per hour.

twin-wheel electric scooter Airwheel Q1

This vehicle’s performance is make-do in terms of short distance trips. Based on fuzzy algorithm and aviation attitude, it’s agile since it can give response in 0.03S after riders make movements. Adopting aerospace attitude theory and gyroscope system is not difficult to maintain balance. This self-balancing electric scooter is similar to a bicycle in terms of riding skills, and riders can keep balance via slightly tilting sideways. An elf in the city brings most people the fresh experience in the ride as well as comforts produced by this electric scooter to relieve the some troubles caused by traffics.

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