Airwheel launched Z3 two-wheeled electric scooter with luscious Details in personal transportation

Along with rapid development in technology, Airwheel Z3 a novel style scooter which is roughly same as the traditional electric scooter in the aspect of exterior has gained increasing popularity recently. The luscious details in Z3 are the highlight of this vehicle.

In order to meet consumers’ demands, Airwheel Z32-wheeled electric scooter has been released to the public by Airwheel Technology recently which is roughly same as electric bike in terms of the appearance. Airwheel Z3 excels among all new released scooters in terms of exterior design and practical performance. It is that Z3 is foldable, portable and intelligent.

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The pedals mounted in Z3 are foldable. In the meantime its operating bar is adjustable from 130cm to 190cm. This height range makes it available for different groups of people in height. If riders want to carry with it for travelling, it’s out of question. When the traffic is heavy, riders will not get caught in a traffic jam because tiny Z3 can go through the narrow road or riders can just take it across the congestion zone since it’s foldable and portable. Besides foldable pedals, the key part is the folding torsion-spring connecting the front part with the rear part of the scooter which allows Z3 to change into smaller when the rider needs carry it by hands or store it in the trunk.

Two-wheel self-balancing electric scooter with streamlined design is made of magnesium alloy material which looks decent and gorgeous. At the aspect of appearance and functions, it is slightly higher than other scooters since Z3 is selected from superior material and delicate design. Plus the top-mounted battery pack allows the rider to enlarge the range generated by one battery pack. 

Z3 self-balancing 2 wheels scooter

On the other side, there is an exclusive App for connecting the scooter with your cellphones. On the phone screen the rider can check all data about vehicle’s condition such as power level, mileage, and speed etc. This intelligence of Z3 self-balancing electric scooter can offer the rider a relieved ride. For the left handlebar designed with the brake system, riders can increase the brake force to shorten braking distance to protect from getting hurt. That’s all the luscious details about Z3 creating a smooth ride.

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