Airwheel introdces X6 Electric Unicycle for Enjoyable Musical Journey

Music play function is one of the most outstanding highlights of Airwheel X6 electric unicycle. Based on music player, low-sound engine technology, stereo sound, USB sound source and wireless Bluetooth intelligent chip, it can be connected with the phone and play songs in the phone, which ensures relaxing and joyful journey.

Airwheel X6 electric unicycle is my newly-bought scooter and I love it very much. It has become my commuting transport every day. Previously, I was often stuck halfway because of serious traffic congestion and I was late for several times every month. Now, everything is changed. Airwheel X6 electric unicycle can avoid traffic jams and take me to company on time, which saves me much precious time and gives me more sleeping time. What is more, I start to love the journey to work.

Airwheel X6 self-balancing scooter

Previously, the journey to company was suffering, especially in winter, because of coldness and traffic jams. Now, I fall in love with that journey, which benefits from melodious songs that are played by Airwheel X6 single-wheeled electric scooter. It can be connected with my cell phone based on wireless Bluetooth intelligent chip.

Then, the songs collected in the phone can be played by Airwheel X6 electric scooter’s music player. In the meantime, the adopted low-sound engine technology and stereo sound offer high sound quality. When I am riding it to go to work in the morning or go back home at dusk, I will wear earphones and listen to my loved songs. That feeling is fantastic. Of course, please take care of riding safety.

Airwheel X6 self-balancing scooter

Besides commuting transport, Airwheel X6 self-balancing scooter also acts as many other roles. It can help me to train muscles. During the riding course, I can intentionally perform a squat. Then, the muscles of my four limbs, chest and abdomen can be fully exercised. Meanwhile, it is also good to protect backbone and prevent cervical spondylopathy. Recently, my parents are also interested in my Airwheel X6 self-balancing scooter. The applied aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system make the practical riding a piece of cake, even the elderly, like my parents, can ride it with great ease. It is a life helper for all people.

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