“The Owl from Oblivion” is the Latest Installment of the Popular, Fantasy Children’s Book Series, The Children of Sophista

Children of Sophista is a newly emerging book imprint poised to disrupt traditional publishing from the inside. This producer of a complex, exciting fantasy/science fiction series has fine-tuned its brand of ultra-realistic fiction with an underlying social message to capture the attention of a niche following of devoted teen and adult readers. Following the test marketing of the first four books and an early developmental version of the fifth book, author Rusty Biesele is preparing to release a bookstore version of the fifth book entitled “The Owl from Oblivion,” which incorporates much of the feedback from hundreds of readers and industry leading editing professionals. This latest installment examines how teens with telepathic and telekinetic powers come to grips with their enhanced identities as well as explores the dark side of intellectual teens and their caretakers. Thenew heights of intensity in this latest novel are guaranteed to bring tears of empathy to the most cynical teen as well as spurring adults to greater activism. 

Basing his stories in a universe in which humanity has been genetically modified throughout its existence by aliens, Rusty has crafted compelling and profoundly human characters that young readers will readily identify with. Unlike other superhero stories, these intriguing books are thoroughly grounded in personal and real storytelling.  Often told from the perspective of the young protagonists, the Children of Sophista books take on challenging issues like abusive parents and fear of persecution.  Rusty integrates the many supernatural concepts into the organic narrative in a manner that heightens the suspense without diminishing the realism of human interactions.

“The Owl from Oblivion” is a powerful and moving literary creation, but due to the many challenges of the current publishing environment, Rusty is asking his fans to assist him in getting the final editing passes completed, scaling up of the manufacturing of the book, and construction of a unique book distribution system to booksellers nationwide.  Although he has spent thousands of his own dollars in creating this 640 page novel with 27 illustrations, there are enormous costs in raising the visibility of the imprint and scaling up the manufacturing so that sustainable profits can be achieved on slim margins.  This has forced him to ask for financial help to reach his Kickstarter project goal of $85,516.  

In return for your generous support, you can receive valuable perks like posters, paperback versions of Children of Sophista books, hardcover editions, signed memorabilia, T-shirts, handwritten letter of appreciation from the author, or acknowledgement on the Contributors’ or Patrons’ Page of the “The Owl from Oblivion.” 

To learn more about “The Owl from Oblivion” or to make a donation to this worthy project, please visit http://kck.st/1Jw0yHX

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