Amazon Announces The Launch Of Exciting New Romance Novel Dating Mr. Right

The book follows the main character who wants to find a sole mate, a man who will share her life and give her the love that she craves for. The main character is a lady called Lisa who is losing her patience trying to find love and turns to an affair. Dating Mr. Right has been described as the most exciting romance novel in the past 12 months, gripping readers to every page.

Amazon, the largest online shopping network has added a new book to their platform. The book is a new exciting novel by author Mary Clottey called Dating Mr. Right. The story follows a woman who is looking for love but starts to lose her patience with blind dates. Her journey for love takes her on a dark and mystery road, where she does what most women would not do, turns to a stranger, hoping he is Mr. Right.

Dating Mr. Right, which is available as a Kindle download for $2.93, grips the reader with every single page. The author brings the reader into the world of Lisa and her journey to find the man of her dreams. After losing patience with blind dates with men who have no humor, no romance, or even a personality, Lisa falls for a stranger and against all common sense takes a ride with a man without thinking about her safety, or what that man could have had planned for her. All Lisa wanted, was to find a man to love and excite her and a man that would stop her from going on blind dates.

The love affair with an older man is against all odds. With her friend against the relationship with an older man, will Lisa listen to her friend and find someone who is single and the same age. Or will Lisa listen to her heart and not her head and take a journey down a dark road hoping at the end of that road will be the man who will love and cherish her.

Dating Mr. Right has already gained media attention and has received positive reviews from book reviewers.

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About Dating Mr. Right

Dating Mr. Right is an exciting romance novel written by Mary Clottey. It is available as a Kindle download and has received positive reviews by book reviewers.

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