Alcohol Reduction Expert Georgia Foster Says Cutting Down On Alcoholic Drinks Could Pay For A Holiday

Georgia Foster an Alcohol Reduction Expert has said by cutting down on four pints of beer per week, it could pay for a holiday for two in the setting for the popular ITV comedy Benidorm. The World Renowned Alcohol Reduction Expert, who has launched a program to help people to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink, has said cutting down on boozing it not only good for the health, it’s also good for the pocket.

World Renowned Alcohol Reduction Expert as seen in the media has decided to convince people in a different way that cutting down on alcohol is good for them. For many years, health experts have been trying to encourage people to reduce the amount they drink by talking about the health issues that over drinking could cause. However, the expert behind the 7 Days To Drink Less program, which helps people to reduce their drinking, has come up with a more convincing way to get the message through.

Georgia Foster, who helps people to reduce drinking, so they feel healthier has said by showing people how much money they can save and what they can buy with that money, will give people encouragement. If a man cuts down on his drinking by four pints of beer a week at the average price of £2.95, then over 52 weeks he would have saved £613. That is enough for a holiday for two.

Georgia Foster says she understands that people find it hard to cut down on their alcohol intake and struggle to take the first step in seeking help. However, by thinking of the money they can save, and how it could book a one-week Full Board holiday in Benidorm for two at the Hotel Ambassador Playa II, that could be encouragement enough.

Health experts recommend that men should not drink more than 21 units of alcohol a week, but tens of thousands of men do drink more than that, which could cause health problems. Instead of telling people who overdrink the same story about how alcohol can affect their health, by talking about what they could buy could be the new way to safeguard people’s health.

Georgia Foster said: “Taking the first step to get help in reducing the amount a person drinks can be hard. There have been lots of campaigns talking about how booze affects a person’s health, but a lot of these campaigns get ignored. By talking about money and what you can buy, it could make a difference, and they do say, money talks.”

The Alcohol Reduction Expert hopes by getting people to think about the money they can save just by reducing the alcohol intake by four pints a week, could help improve their health without even thinking about the health implications.

Georgia Foster new and proven 7 Days To Drink Less program helps men and women who want to reduce their drinking to achieve their goal with positive results. The program is aimed at people who know they drink a little too much and want to have greater control of their life and become happier, healthier and more relaxed.

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