I Clean Carpets & Windows Educates Area Residents on Carpet-Dwelling Pathogens

Traditional vacuuming leaves behind more bacteria than commonly found in public restrooms, publishes icleancarpetsadelaide.com.au

Studies conducted by numerous members of the health care field reveal carpets can potentially hold up to 200,000 bacteria per square foot, hundreds more than can be found in the average public restroom. In both residential and commercial environments, carpeting and upholstery also have the capacity to trap dead human skin cells, pet dander, dust mites, viruses and numerous other harmful elements. With this in mind, Grant Parkyn of I Clean Carpets & Windows has launched efforts to educate residents of the Adelaide area on the importance of routine professional cleanings.

Parkyn elaborated, “If not cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis, carpets and furniture can cause a number of health-related issues; at the same time, dingy or stained flooring and fabrics tend to make businesses appear less than professional. When inspectors find filth lurking in restaurants and hotels, these issues often lead to extensive fines or complete shutdowns. Simple vacuuming does little to remove deeply embedded dirt and pathogens, but our techniques and equipment are far more efficient and effective.”

Among the bacteria commonly found in carpeting is Salmonella enteritis, known for causing severe gastrointestinal issues. The Norovirus responsible for the stomach flu is also a primary culprit. Both have been proven capable of thriving in carpet for periods of one month or more. Dust mites, whether living or dead, exacerbate asthma and other respiratory problems while chemical remnants of cigar and cigarette smoke trapped in fibers can have the same impact as well as leading to the development of lung cancer. As noted at http://www.icleancarpetsadelaide.com.au/commercial-carpet-cleaning/, steam cleaning kills microorganisms and harmful substances left behind by traditional vacuuming.

According to information found at http://www.icleancarpetsadelaide.com.au/commercial-carpet-cleaning/promote-business-success-with-ade, procedures provided by I Clean Carpets & Windows include dry vacuuming with high-powered truck-mounted systems, using pre-treatment formulas designed to remove each specific type of stain, super-heated steam cleansing and rapid drying procedures. The company additionally offers upholstery, window, tile and grout cleaning as well as flood restoration. Emergency water damage and flood remediation services are available.

Concluded Parkyn, “Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning is recommended at least once each year, but it’s best to have these services performed more frequently for public establishments and homes with pets, small children or elderly residents. Our team is on hand around the clock for emergency situations. We encourage anyone in need of routine cleaning or flood damage restoration to contact us by phone or through our website to help keep germs at bay and promote good health.”

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Serving Adelaide and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years, the staff of I Clean Carpets & Windows provides professional carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as tile, grout and window cleaning and flood restoration.

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