Marco Williams is all set to launch his book “Here’s how you make Money with Mobile Marketing” on February 15th

Marco Williams has already created quite a buzz in the market by featuring on the cover page of U.S. profits magazine and he has now come up with his brand new book, “Here’s how you make Money with Mobile Marketing” which will be launched on February 15th, 2016 on Amazon.

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The interview given by Alex Bank, a budding entrepreneur who used Marco Williams’ services that took his website to the first page of Google search from 5th page, has also been doing rounds on the internet and gaining the attention of many people. In his interview, Bank revealed how Marco and his team made him understand the significance of a mobile site and how it can impact a business positively.

Whenever a user searches for a service or product over Google, they won’t go beyond 2nd or 3rd page so it becomes important for the businesses to get higher ranking on the search engine and make themselves more visible to the potential customers. Marco takes the simple fact into consideration that if a business isn’t getting found; it won’t be successful no matter how good the service or the product is.

Bank also mentioned that despite his website being well designed and ‘mobile responsive’ it was not getting higher ranking on to the search engine which made him look for ways to enhance its visibility. After getting in touch with Marco, he came to know that a Mobile responsive site is a website which is designed to adjust or resize the texts and pictures according to the mobile device used by the viewer/visitor.

This makes the website smaller in size and most of the times the visitor is not able to read the text or view the picture properly which meant losing a potential customer.

The mobile site, on the other hand, makes it easier for the visitor to see the options available on the website and users can push a simple button to move from one section to another. Marco also takes care of the Google updates such as the Google “MobileGeddon”, which means that any site which isn’t mobile will get dropped from the first-page ranking.

Marco’s company ‘’ helps such customers to create their mobile website and make their site more functional as well as visible to the potential customers. Now with his new book, the readers will get to learn easy techniques to be successful through Mobile Marketing.

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