Sercle: Disrupting the Professional Service Industry

The new normal disruption for the past two to three years has been on-demand services such as Uber, Lyft, , Google Express, Amazon Prime Now, Doordash, etc. just to name a few. Everything has been great aggregating on-demand services with using peer-to-peer contracted individuals from your local community.

However, the core of 55% of the US backbone economy are small business owners in everyone’s local community. SerCle is aiming to disrupt the small business service industry by bridging the missing link between professional small businesses and customers.

SerCle will be instilling the true core skill set that has been in the commerce industry for thousands of years, direct back & forth communication. After much research of the current popular app companies, we found that either the company is entirely “ User “ centric or entirely “ B2B Business “ centric, but none has really bridge to be entirely compensating on both sides of the platform with users and businesses alike.

For the user side we are adding these few key elements:
Intuitive Mobile App experience available on IOS and Android
Live Chat between Small Business and the End-User
On-Demand Live voice call with our concierges , Sercle Genie
Direct Appointment Booking

For the business side, we are adding these few key elements:
CRM: Customer Relationship Management tool
Live Chat with your own customers
Daily & Weekly Reporting System
Get assisted calls from our concierge department

Our Founder Jimmy Ma didn’t start out at as an engineer as many other startups have, nor did he get his entire roots through the tech boom that we have seen lately. He actually started on his hands and foot building in a service related business from almost everything one can think of. Through the years of hardship, he was able to see what troubled his employers, fellow staff members, and other business owner friends. Small businesses have to face horrid user reviews, mafia-style advertising membership from several apps, and recently hardship from other disrupting app business affecting small businesses in our community. So after a few successful million dollar businesses, Jimmy has set out on a task to rebuild the service industry by helping all small businesses become a disruption themselves by aligning them together as one.

SerCle is an app that puts any service you could possibly need in the palm of your hand, accessible anytime and anywhere. From haircuts to auto fixes to legal advice, any service you need can be found, booked, and paid for in one place. One of the glistening features that comes standard (and free) with the SerCle is SerCle Messaging, where instantly consumers can chat with companies, get answers, and book appointments. Business receives notifications whenever a customer chats with them or books an appointment. SerCle will automatically call the business within an hour if the notification goes unnoticed. This puts communication at the top of the priority list when it comes to consumer/company relations.

Browsing through SerCle is easy and natural. Customers have access to 20+ categories of businesses large and small in their area. They can use their current location, type in a zip code, or use a city name to find anything they need. The SerCle map also shows you exactly where all those companies are around you. And consumer’s have access to all the business’ details through SerCle. By viewing a companies’ page, they can see business hours, find phone numbers, get locations, book appointments, read reviews, and talk to the businesses directly through messaging.

On the business end, SerCle provides a platform that has previously been non existent. With SerCle the company is just as important as the consumer. No more harmful anonymous reviews, no more confusing links, no more clicking from website to website just to find a phone number, get directions, book an appointment, get a review, or get in contact. Everything is in one place, easy and simple. With SerCle, communication is key and everyone gets what they need.

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