Michigan Renews Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Efforts

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In 2014, there were a total of 1,762 drug overdose related deaths in the state of Michigan for an age adjusted drug overdose death rate of 18.

This was a 13 percent increase from the previous year which posted a total of 1,553 deaths that were attributed to drug overdose. More than 32.6 percent of the deaths were attributed to opioid analgesics. According to Michigan’s drug treatment officials, hospitals have been receiving up to 24 opioid overdose emergency cases per 10,000 population, a great majority of which were either prescription narcotic analgesics or heroin. This is in relation to the data showing that 5.32 percent of Michigan’s population use prescription narcotics in ways other than its intended purpose.

The opioid – heroin and prescription narcotic agents – problem in Michigan is now the primary impetus for the state’s law enforcement agencies, state officials, drug rehab and treatment experts, and the whole Michigan society to band together in an effort to make significant progress in the drug treatment and rehabilitation of many of its citizens. Addiction treatment experts in Michigan are leveraging on their greater sense of positive thinking to manage the state’s drug woes.

The rising incidence of drug overdose deaths is an indication of the relative ineffectiveness of past approaches to drug dependence and addiction management. Substitute drugs have been used to induce significantly lower and more manageable withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, many of the rehabilitees gradually became dependent and addicted to the substitute drug. What was once considered the cure has become a new kind of problem that is worse than before.

Michigan’s drug rehabilitation and treatment centers are now working a lot closer with the state and federal government’s healthcare experts as well as those in the federal level to devise of better ways and more effective strategies to provide addiction treatment and drug rehab care to the growing number of drug dependents in Michigan. While the task seems formidable to a lot of people, Michigan’s healthcare experts are optimistic about the chances of success in the state’s drug treatment and rehabilitation efforts.

Michigan has plenty of drug addiction center and support facilities. What is amazing is that every one of these addiction centers understands the inadequacies and inconsistencies of past therapeutic and rehabilitative regimens. This is the reason why everyone concerned are doing all they can to make significant improvements and innovations in the way addiction treatment and drug rehabilitation efforts are implemented and monitored. Pharmacologic treatment are now more closely monitored than ever before. These are now strictly enforced and often proceeds in a gradual phasing out approach. The symptomatic management of the individual’s withdrawal complaints is now the hallmark of effective drug rehab programs.

Michigan’s community is now also collaborating more actively with the state’s drug rehabilitation experts. Drug rehab facilities all over Michigan are increasing their community presence in order to disseminate factual information regarding the ills of drug addiction and where help can be sought. While the figures of the state do not clearly speak well about the way they are managing the problem, Michigan’s drug addiction treatment centers refuse to give up the fight.

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