What Online Marketing in 2016 Looks Like

Every company that has a website today must have an online marketing strategy and this strategy should always involve an SEO expert, or an SEO Consultant that can provide them with an SEO service.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that I perform directs free traffic from the organic search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo to the correct pages on your website; pages that have a clear call to action resulting in an enquiry, a sale or repeat business.

Eugene Dunkley the founder of eugenedunkley.com stated “I strive to get every client on to page one of Google. The first place on Google where the potential customers go when they’re looking for information or wanting to shop online. That’s where I put my client’s websites, on page one of Google.”

The ultimate goal of an SEO campaign is to get your website found on page one of Google for the terms that will increase your business exposure, grow your customer base and increase revenue.

As an experienced SEO Consultant, he understands all of the elements of Search Engine Marketing, which includes social media platforms, in which he can make work in your favour by increasing your brand awareness.

Working with Eugene as your SEO Consultant, you’ll be pleased to know that he holds the certification in Google AdWords and Google Analytics, has achieved hundreds of page one rankings for clients all around the globe.

Much like the universe, SEO contains a wealth of different things that ultimately work together to create this single entity. It’s huge, and a lot of the time all everyone talks about is ‘Google’ but have you thought about how visible your brand and where its potential market is with other search engines?

If you are ready to be found online then contact Eugene for SEO services http://eugenedunkley.com

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