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28 Jan, 2016 – Would you like to increase your MMR but are struggling to gain the ranking you want? Are you tired of your teammates feeding and being too heavy to carry? If you are looking to gain MMR in your favourite game, then Dota2Boosters can now carry you up the rank and help you improve your game style while teaching you everything you need to know to climb the ladder. offers MMR boosting for all servers and accounts with any MMR. The process is quick, safe and secure.

You will be amazed when you click on their website – It has fully functional features that lets you keep track of your orders, stay in touch with the boosters and much more. You are going to experience a smooth transaction when you order at Dota2Boosters – they maintain 100% anonymity and will never make contact with your friends or other players in the game.  Being the leading experts in gaming and online services, they realize the importance of being anonymous, safe and professional. All your information is maintained with strict confidentiality. They also make use of various tools to maintain the safety and integrity of your account. is available via email, Skype, live support and social media. You can visit their Facebook page to see regular updates on their services and any discounts they may be offering. After checking out some of the information on their website, you will soon realize that Dota2Boosters is the safest choice in the industry. Their boosters use a customized VPN that will not trace back to the boosting service. The VPN used by Dota2Boosters never maintain any logs so the service is impossible to retrace or detect. In addition, they also have a myriad of safety measures making their site the safest website on the market. Your details are saved on a secure server and only the booster assigned to you will have the user name along with the password.

One of the best things about Dota2Boosters is that they offer only the best boosters who have proven to do top quality work. Every booster have more than 6000 plus MMR and undergo several tests and trials extensively before being allowed to boost MMR on the website. Each booster has the ability to climb, win every game and go to the highest rank while providing a safe and secure result. 

Another benefit of choosing the MMR boosting offered by Dota2Boosters is that it comes with a client dashboard that helps you get full access to all aspects related to the booster and your order. In addition you can watch your booster play while your rank increases and pick up tips and tricks along the way. You can also pause the order you place at Dota2Boosters at any time by just clicking the pause button your dashboard. Dota2Boosters offer round the clock customer service through Skype, live support or e-mail.


Dota2Boosters are experts in the field of gaming and can offer a helping hand in increasing your MMR. They have been around for years in several different online-gaming fields and know everything there is about eSports. Choosing a MMR boost from Dota2Boosters means choosing the best quality services in the industry. 

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