North Carolina’s Drug Treatment Centers Taking Action against Prescription Narcotic Abuse

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North Carolina’s drug abuse problems is one that accurately depicts the general trend of the nation’s drug woes.

In 2014, it registered 1,358 drug overdose related deaths for an age adjusted death rate of 13.8 per 100,000 deaths. This was a significant increase from its 2013 records when it posted only 1,259 for an almost 8 percent rise. What is more depressing is the fact that close to 70 percent of these deaths are caused by opioids such as prescription narcotic analgesics and heroin. Six out of 10 North Carolinians die because of heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine overdose. In 2013, more than 40,000 North Carolinians were admitted into its more than 400 addiction treatment facilities, a 40 percent increase from its 2009 data of drug treatment admissions. Unfortunately, only 9 out of 100 North Carolinians ever seek treatment for their drug addiction problems. Less than 8,000 sought admission for cocaine use while close to 7,500 North Carolinians sought treatment for prescription opioid analgesic addiction.

North Carolina’s western and central regions have been largely recognized as the state’s primary areas for drug distribution and trafficking. Its vast rural terrain has been utilized by criminal organizations to conceal their illicit drug activities. Nonetheless, North Carolina’s drug rehab centers are optimistic that more and more North Carolinians will avail of their services this time around.

Many drug rehabilitation centers are now taking more active steps to coordinate with the different socio-civic groups that are present within their areas. They would like to enlist the help and assistance of these organizations in spreading factual information about the dangers of misusing prescription opioid analgesics or painkillers. It has been noted that a great majority of prescription drug abusers do not understand the dangers these drugs pose when these are taken not in their proper use. For example, many of these drugs are prescribed as effective treatment for the management of severe pain and these need to be taken via oral route. However, reports now show that many drug dependents crush these tablets and either inhaled them or are mixed with other substances and injected directly into their veins. The effects of these drugs are thus almost instantaneous instead of the slow steady release method.

This is the danger that North Carolina’s addiction center establishments would like others to be particularly aware of. Prescription opioids can severely depress the functions of the central nervous system. When taken in sufficient amounts and in very rapid manner, the effects can be devastating to the brain. Whole body organ systems can shut down because of this sudden influx of central nervous system depressant activity. If the event is not appropriately and promptly manage, the individual can succumb to a comatose state before eventually dying if the physiologic depression is so severe.

It is for this reason that North Carolina’s drug rehab and treatment centers are establishing more active partnerships with communities and social support groups in order to help the government in its aim of reducing these drug overdose related events. It is hoped that through this, they can help reduce the incidence of prescription opioid analgesic overdose deaths.

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